Ancestors of Tim Farr and Descendants of Stephen Farr Sr. of Concord, Massachusetts and Lidlington, Bedfordshire, England

Henry DEATH 1-3953. Henry married 2 (MRIN:1951) Margaret IRBY-3941 before 1548.

Margaret IRBY [Parents] 1-3941 was born 2 after 1517. Margaret married 3 (MRIN:1951) Henry DEATH-3953 before 1548.

Thomas PEARSON 1-3954. Thomas married 2 (MRIN:1952) Catherine IRBY-3942 in BET 1548 AND 1563.

Catherine IRBY [Parents] 1-3942 was born 2 after 1517. Catherine married 3 (MRIN:1952) Thomas PEARSON-3954 in BET 1548 AND 1563.

William BENNETT 1-3955. William married (MRIN:1953) Jane IRBY-3943 before 1548.

Jane IRBY [Parents] 1-3943 was born 2 after 1517. Jane married (MRIN:1953) William BENNETT-3955 before 1548.

John BOLLES 1-3956 died 2 in 1551. John married (MRIN:1954) Rose IRBY-3944 before 1550.

John had a will 3 on 21 Apr 1550 in Gosberton, Lincoln, England, United Kingdom.

Rose IRBY [Parents] 1-3944 was born 2 after 1517. Rose married (MRIN:1954) John BOLLES-3956 before 1550.

Other marriages:

Hugh BRADY 1-3957. Hugh married 2 (MRIN:1955) Rose IRBY-3944 before 1563.

Rose IRBY [Parents] 1-3944 was born 2 after 1517. Rose married 3 (MRIN:1955) Hugh BRADY-3957 before 1563.

Other marriages:

John DOMESDAY 1-3958. John married (MRIN:1956) Dorothy IRBY-3945.

Dorothy IRBY [Parents] 1-3945 was born 2 after 1517. Dorothy married (MRIN:1956) John DOMESDAY-3958.

Thomas KIDDALL 1-3949 was born about 1545. Thomas married (MRIN:1957) Phebe IRBY-3946 about 1567.

Phebe IRBY [Parents]-3946 was born 1 about 1549. Phebe married (MRIN:1957) Thomas KIDDALL-3949 about 1567.

Lord Robert CORBET Knight [Parents] [scrapbook] 1, 2-3961 was born 3 in 1304. He died 4 in 1375 in of Morton Corbet, Shropshire, England, United Kingdom. Robert married 5, 6 (MRIN:1958) Elizabeth le STRANGE-3962 in Mar 1323.

Of Wattlesborough and Moreton Corbet.

Elizabeth le STRANGE [Parents] [scrapbook] 1, 2-3962 was born 3 in 1304. She died 4 in 1375. Elizabeth married 5, 6 (MRIN:1958) Lord Robert CORBET Knight-3961 in Mar 1323.

They had the following children.

  M i Roger CORBET Knight-3959 died in PROB 1394.

Thomas CORBET Knight [Parents] [scrapbook]-3963 was born 1 in of Morton Corbet, Shropshire, England, United Kingdom. He died 2 in 1310 in of Morton Corbet, Shropshire, England, United Kingdom. Thomas married (MRIN:1959) Amice-3964.

Amice 1-3964. Amice married (MRIN:1959) Thomas CORBET Knight-3963.

They had the following children.

  M i Lord Robert CORBET Knight-3961 was born in 1304. He died in 1375.

Baron Fulk le STRANGE [scrapbook] 1, 2, 3-4048 was born 4 about 1267. He died 5, 6 on 23 Jan 1324/1325. Fulk married 7, 8 (MRIN:1960) Aelinor GIFFORD-4049.

FULK LE STRANGE, 1st Lord Strange of Blackmere, was born about 1267 and was dead by 23 Jan. 1323/4 [CP, 12:1:343].
He married ELEANOR GIFFARD (or Gifford), who died before her husband. She was daughter of John Giffard of Brimsfield, and sister and coheir of John Giffard.
On 16 july 1289 it was ordered that he should have his brother's lands on the condition of doing homage to the king when Edward I was next in England. In 1294 he was recorded as going to Gascony, and from March 1298 until April 1323 he was summoned for service against the Scots. In Feb. 1300/1 his seal was appended to the Barons' letter to the Pope.
He was summoned to Parliament from 4 March 1308/9 until 26 Dec. 1323. In 1312 he adhered to Thomas Earl of Lancaster, and in 1315 he was pardoned some debts due from his uncle Hamon for service in Gascony. He was appointed seneschal of Aquitaine in 1322, and the same year he was licensed to crenellate his dwelling in Whitchurch Shropshire.
He was field commander of the forces of Edward I and Edward II in Scotland and France, and Sénéschal of the Duchy of Aquitaine.
Children, listed by Weis [AR7] and Cokayne [CP, 12:18]:
i.    Elizabeth, in. by March 1323 Sir Robert' Corbet of Moreton Corbet [Weis, AR7, 29A:31].
ii.   John, 2nd Baron Blackmere, d. 21 July 1349; in. AnkaretK Boteler, who d. 8 Oct. 1361.
iii.  Maud, m. Bryan de Cornwall of Kynlet.
iv.  Fulk, left infant daughters Joan (who m. John Careless or Carless) and Eleanor (who m. Edward de Acton) [CP, 14:595-596].

Aelinor GIFFORD [Parents] 1, 2, 3-4049 died 4 in 1324/1325. Aelinor married 5, 6 (MRIN:1960) Baron Fulk le STRANGE-4048.

They had the following children.

  F i Elizabeth le STRANGE-3962 was born in 1304. She died in 1375.

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