Ancestors of Tim Farr and Descendants of Stephen Farr Sr. of Concord, Massachusetts and Lidlington, Bedfordshire, England

James HILL-5548 was born about 1783 in Wrington, Somerset, England, United Kingdom. He was buried on 1 Jan 1848 in Clevedon, Somerset, England, United Kingdom. James married (MRIN:2481) Sarah HAMLIN-5540.

Sarah HAMLIN [Parents]-5540 was christened 1 on 4 Feb 1787 in Clevedon, Somerset, England, United Kingdom. She died in 1825. Sarah married (MRIN:2481) James HILL-5548.

George HAMLIN [Parents]-5541 was christened 1 on 18 Jan 1790 in Clevedon, Somerset, England, United Kingdom. He died on 29 Jan 1844. George married (MRIN:2482) Charlotte BUSH-5549.

Charlotte BUSH-5549. Charlotte married (MRIN:2482) George HAMLIN-5541.

Thomas HAMLIN [Parents]-5542 was born in 1794 in Clevedon, Somerset, England, United Kingdom. He died on 14 Nov 1867. Thomas married (MRIN:2483) Caroline HILL-5550.

Caroline HILL-5550. Caroline married (MRIN:2483) Thomas HAMLIN-5542.

John HAYWARD-5558. John married (MRIN:2484) Anne KEMP-5555 on 1 Oct 1686.

Anne KEMP [Parents]-5555 was christened on 25 Feb 1665/1666 in Laxfield, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom. Anne married (MRIN:2484) John HAYWARD-5558 on 1 Oct 1686.

George GODBOLD-5566. George married (MRIN:2485) Elizabeth WYARD-5563 on 20 Sep 1632.

Elizabeth WYARD [Parents]-5563 was christened on 13 Jan 1610/1611 in of Saxtead, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom. Elizabeth married (MRIN:2485) George GODBOLD-5566 on 20 Sep 1632.

Rowland SCOLEFIELD-5567. Rowland married (MRIN:2486) Ursula WYARD-5565 on 29 Oct 1646.

Ursula WYARD [Parents]-5565 was christened on 30 Jul 1622 in Earl Soham, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom. Ursula married (MRIN:2486) Rowland SCOLEFIELD-5567 on 29 Oct 1646.

Joseph ABLETT-5572. Joseph married (MRIN:2487) Alice NEWSON-5568 on 12 Sep 1749.

Alice NEWSON [Parents]-5568 was christened on 3 Oct 1714 in Swefling, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom. Alice married (MRIN:2487) Joseph ABLETT-5572 on 12 Sep 1749.

John BOTTRED-5573. John married (MRIN:2488) Ann NEWSON-5569 in 1751.

Ann NEWSON [Parents]-5569 was born about 1717 in of Swefling, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom. Ann married (MRIN:2488) John BOTTRED-5573 in 1751.

Thomas ROBERTS-5580.

Parnill HARRIS [Parents] 1-5579. Parnill married (MRIN:2489) Thomas ROBERTS-5580.

Augustine WALKER [Parents] [scrapbook]-5586 was christened on 22 Feb 1564 in Southam, Warwick, England, United Kingdom. He was buried 1 on 18 Aug 1614 in Great Amwell, Hertsfordshire, England, United Kingdom. Augustine married 2 (MRIN:2490) Mary STRINGER-5590 on 27 Jun 1597 in Great Amwell, Hertsfordshire, England, United Kingdom.

Augustine had a will 3 on 19 Apr 1613 in Great Amwell, Hertsfordshire, England, United Kingdom.

Other marriages:
, Unknown

In the name of god amen The xixth daye of Aprill in the yeere of oure lord god 1613. and in the yeeres of the raigne of our sovraigne Lord James by the grace of god of England Fraunce and Ireland the eleventh and of Sco[tla]nd the six and fortieth kinge defender of the faith. I Augustine Walker of much Amwell in the Com of Herts: yeoma[n] now beinge in good health and of p[er]­fect memorie thankes be unto the lorde therefore; doe make and ordayne this my last Will & Tes­tament, in manner and forme followinge (vizt) First I com[m]end my Soule into the hands of the Allmightie god my Creator, not doubtinge to obtayne free remission of my sines by and through the death and demeryts [sic] of my saviour Christ Jesus Alsoe I bequeath my bodie to xpian buriall, to be buried in the Church or Church yearde of much Amwell aforesaide, as to my Executrix shall be best beseemeinge And as touching the disposinge of such temporall goods wherewth the lorde hath endued mee I give and bequeath them in manner and forme as followeth (vizt) First I give & bequeath Unto my daughter Elizabeth Warren wife of Richard Warren Sixteene pounds of lawefull money of England, and unto her three Children Marcy, Ann and Sarey Warren Fower pounds of like Englishe money equally betwixt them three to be devyded and to be payde unto the saide Richard Warren to the use of the saide child[ren] and the survivour or survivours of them Alsoe I give to Thomas, John, and Frauncis Holland children of Thomas Holland & of my daugh­ter Ann his wife, Twentie shillinges apeece, And unto that Childe, whether sone or daughter, wherewth the saide Ann is now conceyved Twenty shillinges Alsoe unto her the said Ann, wife of the saide Thomas Holland, Twenty shillinges wth severall Leagacies I will to be payed unto the saide Thomas Holland the Father to the use of his afore saide Wife & Children and the survyvor of them Alsoe I give to my daughter Mary Johnson Twenty shillinges Alsoe I give to Syrnon Ad­ams sone of Symon Adams Citizen & drap[er] of London Twentie shillinges And to Dorothie his daughter Twentie shilling[s] and a Gymmoll-Ringe of gold wch was her mothers. Which Legacyes I will shalbe payed and delyvered unto the saide Symon Adams the Father, to thuse [i.e., the use] of his saide Children The rest & reasidue of my goods and Chattels, after my debts and Leagacyes payde & my Funerall charges discharged I give and bequeath as followeth (vizt) Thone [i.e., the one] half of my saide goods & chattells unto my afore saide daughter Elizabeth and her Children, to bepayde & delyvered unto them and the survivour or survivors of them or eyther of them after the decease of Marey my wife; And the residue (vizt) the other halfe of my goods & chattells unto the saide Marey my wife Ordayninge and makeing her the the [sic] saide Marey my Wife my full sole & only Executrix of this my last Will & Testamte, Orderinge & further ordayninge, that, half of that half p[ar]t of such my goods & chattells (as after my decease) shall remayne undispoosed in the hand or possession of Mary my now Wif: shall (after her death & decease) of right be due & belonginge Unto Elizab: Warren, Wife of thafore named Rich: Warren, my daughter or to her then lawefull survyvant heire or Assigne whatsoever Alsoe I give unto Thomas Hassall Vicar of much Amwell afore saide Tenn shillinges of lawefull englishe money to preach one Sermond at my funerall in Amwell Church afore saide Alsoe unto the poore of the saide Towne of much Amwell my Will is to have given and distributed at my buriall Five shillinges And I appoynte the afore named Symon Adams thelder Cittizen and drap[er] of London to be my lawefull Overseer of this my last will and Testament, And for his paynes therein to be taken I give him Tenn shillinges In wyttnesse whereof to this my last will & Testamte contayninge Only On[e] sheete

The markes of Augustine Walker

and twoe lynes of paper I have here unto sett my usuall marke & seale, the daye and yeeres first above written

The marke of Augustine Walker.

Signed & sealed in the p[rese]nce of us whose names are hereunto
subscribed Thomas Holmested Thomas Robarts John Larke

[no date of probate]

Mary STRINGER [Parents] 1-5590 was christened 2 on 19 Jan 1568 in Rugwick, Sussex, England, United Kingdom. She was buried 3 on 26 Dec 1614 in Great Amwell, Hertsfordshire, England, United Kingdom. Mary married 4 (MRIN:2490) Augustine WALKER-5586 on 27 Jun 1597 in Great Amwell, Hertsfordshire, England, United Kingdom.

Mary's will was probated 5 on 10 Jan 1614/1615 in Great Amwell, Hertsfordshire, England, United Kingdom. She had a will 6 on 23 Dec 1614 in Great Amwell, Hertsfordshire, England, United Kingdom.

They had the following children.

  F i Ann WALKER-5587 was born about 1576.
  F ii
Mary WALKER 1-5589 was born about 1578 in Great Amwell, Hertsfordshire, England, United Kingdom.

I'm not sure which marriage Mary belongs to.

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