Ancestors of Tim Farr and Descendants of Stephen Farr Sr. of Concord, Massachusetts and Lidlington, Bedfordshire, England

William D'AUBIGNY [Parents]-13759 was born about 1176 in Belvoir, Leicestershire, England, United Kingdom. He died 1 before 15 Sep 1242 in Norfolk, England, United Kingdom. William married 2 (MRIN:5646) Isabel-13760 before 1239.

Isabel-13760 was born about 1215. She died about 1285. Isabel married 1 (MRIN:5646) William D'AUBIGNY-13759 before 1239.

They had the following children.

  F i Isabel D'AUBIGNY-13538 was born in 1233. She died on 15 Jun 1301.

William De ROS [Parents]-13539 died in 1265. William married (MRIN:5647) Lucy FITZHERBERT-13540.


John De FERRERS 4th Lord of Chartley 1-13546 was born on 10 Aug 1331 in Southoe, Huntingdonshire. He died 2 on 3 Apr 1367 from Battle of Najera. John married 3 (MRIN:5648) Elizabeth De STAFFORD-13545 on 19 Oct 1349.

Elizabeth De STAFFORD [Parents] 1-13545 died 2 on 7 Aug 1375. Elizabeth married 3 (MRIN:5648) John De FERRERS 4th Lord of Chartley-13546 on 19 Oct 1349.

Robert De VITRE-13605 was born 1 about 1030. He died 2 before 1106. Robert married (MRIN:5649) Berthe De CRAON-13606.

Berthe De CRAON-13606 was born 1 about 1032. She died 2 after 1076. Berthe married (MRIN:5649) Robert De VITRE-13605.

They had the following children.

  M i Andre De VITRE-13552 was born about 1055. He died about 1139.

Robert De MORTAIN-13607 was born 1 about 1037. He died 2 on 8 Dec 1090. Robert married (MRIN:5650) Maud De MONTGOMERY-13608.

Maud De MONTGOMERY-13608 was born 1 about 1040. She died 2 about 1085. Maud married (MRIN:5650) Robert De MORTAIN-13607.

They had the following children.

  F i Agnes De MORTAIN-13553 was born about 1065. She died about 1120.

Lord Walter De LACY [Parents]-13558 was born 1 about 1172. He died 2 on 24 Feb 1241. Walter married (MRIN:5651) Margaret De BRAOSE-13559.

Margaret De BRAOSE [Parents]-13559 was born 1 about 1177. She died 2 on 19 Nov 1200. Margaret married (MRIN:5651) Lord Walter De LACY-13558.

They had the following children.

  F i Petronilla De LACY-13557 was born about 1194. She died after 25 Nov 1288.

Lord Hugh De LACY [Parents]-13560 was born 1 about 1135. He died 2 on 25 Jul 1186. Hugh married (MRIN:5652) Rohese De MONMOUTH-13561.

Rohese De MONMOUTH [Parents]-13561 was born 1 about 1140. Rohese married (MRIN:5652) Lord Hugh De LACY-13560.

They had the following children.

  M i Lord Walter De LACY-13558 was born about 1172. He died on 24 Feb 1241.

William De BRAOSE 4th Lord of Bramber [Parents] [scrapbook]-13564 was born 1 about 1153. He died 2 on 9 Aug 1211. William married (MRIN:5653) Maud De SAINT VALERY-13565.

Maud De SAINT VALERY [Parents]-13565 was born 1 about 1155. She died 2 in 1210. Maud married (MRIN:5653) William De BRAOSE 4th Lord of Bramber-13564.

They had the following children.

  F i Margaret De BRAOSE-13559 was born about 1177. She died on 19 Nov 1200.

Gilbert De LACY-13570 was born 1 about 1100.

He had the following children.

  M i Lord Hugh De LACY-13560 was born about 1135. He died on 25 Jul 1186.

Baderon De MONMOUTH-13562 was born 1 about 1105. He died 2 after 1176. Baderon married (MRIN:5655) Rohese De CLARE-13563.

Rohese De CLARE-13563 was born about 1108. She died about 1149. Rohese married (MRIN:5655) Baderon De MONMOUTH-13562.

They had the following children.

  F i Rohese De MONMOUTH-13561 was born about 1140.

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