Ancestors of Tim Farr and Descendants of Stephen Farr Sr. of Concord, Massachusetts and Lidlington, Bedfordshire, England

Thomas HORTON-800 was born 1 about 1555 in Coole, Cheshire, England, United Kingdom. He died 2 about 1620 in St Martin in the Vintry, Coole, Cheshire, England, United Kingdom. Thomas married 3 (MRIN:771) Margaret CULVERWELL-3599 about 1580.

Other marriages:

Will of Thomas Horton

In his will, dated 6 March 1615 and proved 17 January 1620/1 (FCC, 4 Dale), "Thomas Horton of the parishe of St. Martin in the Vyntrey, Citizen and Mercer of London," according to "the lawdable custome of the Cittey of London," divided his estate into three equal parts, one for wife, one for children, and one for other legacies:

[the first part] to Catherine Horton my wellbeloved wife ... The second or full third parte of all my said goodes chattells plate and househould stuffe (in regard I have not as yet given any parte or porcion of my goodes [and] chattles unto John Horton, Sara Horton, and Parnall Horton the children of me the said Thomas Horton or in anye other sort advanced them) ... equallye amongst them ... And the last or other third parte ... to the poor of the parish of St. Martin in the Vintry, where I now dwell, five pounds ... unto my brother William Horton ... one annuitye ... of eight pounds ... to my sister Margaret Williamson ... one annuitie ... of 40s. ... unto my daughter Margaret Culverwell the wife of Richard Culverwell ten pounds per annum during their lifetimes and if Richard Culverwell should die first, then the annuity to be increased to twentie pounds per annum .... To aforesaid daughters Sara and Parnell Horton fifty pounds apiece ... on the daies of their ... marriages ... upon condition that [if] either of them marry without the consent and good likeinge of Catherine my nowe wife, their unckle Mr Richard Satchfelld, and my executor hereafter named ... [she] shall forfeite and lose the foresaide [legacy] .... unto Thomas Horton the sonne of Lawrence Horton, forty pounds [at age 21] unto St. Bartholomew's Hospital near West Smithfield, London, five pounds to the poor children harbored in Christ's Hospital, five pounds. ... unto my sonne Thomas Horton (whome I have alreadie verye bountefullie and loveinglye advaunced) 26s. 8d. in full satisfaction of his parte and portion. my lovinge friends Mr. William Spurstowe and his wife, Mr. George Ricketts and his wife, my cosen Edward Addams and his wife, my cousin Nicholas Plommer and his wife, Mr. Reignold Hughes and his wife, and Mr. William Bond, to everie one of them a ringe of gould of the value of 26s. 8d. ... to John Horton unto whome I was a witness [i.e., godfather] a ring of gould of 26s. 8d. price ... [the same] unto William Spurstowe unto whome I was a witness [and] unto my daughter-in-law Mary Horton ... to her sonne Thomas Horton unto whom I was a witness [the same] ... And whereas there was latelie conveyed by Anthony Culverwell whilst he lived Citizen and Mercer of London deceased unto ... John Horton my sonne five messuages or tenements in the parish of St. James at Garlickhithe London and one tenement with a garden in Bell Alley Coleman Streete, London ... And for the ... better strengthninge of the estates of the said John Horton ... I doe give and bequeathe all (my right in these lands) unto the said John Horton my sonne .... The rest and residue unto my sonne John Horton and I doe make [him] sole executor ... and appointe my lovinge friendes Mr. William Bond marchaunt taylor and Mr.William Spurstowe mercer to be overseers.... Witnesses: Will[ia]m Bond, Ant[hony] Bond, and Richard Rochdale Scr[ivener].

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"Chronological History of Massachusetts", Flying the Colors: Massachusetts Facts: John Clements, 1987; Tolland and Windham Counties, Connecticut biographies - 1903; Mayflower Gedcom; LDS Ancestral File; Research of John F. Chandler and Betty I. Ralph.

Margaret CULVERWELL-3599 was born 1 about 1560. Margaret married 2 (MRIN:771) Thomas HORTON-800 about 1580.

John PAGE [Parents]-802 was born on 1 Jan 1630 in England, United Kingdom. He died in 1711/1712 in Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States. John married 1, 2, 3 (MRIN:772) Faith DUNSTER-2155 on 12 May 1664 in Groton, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States.

Other marriages:
PAGE, Emery Mrs
LAMB, Emory Mrs

Faith DUNSTER-2155. Faith married 1, 2, 3 (MRIN:772) John PAGE-802 on 12 May 1664 in Groton, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States.

John PAGE [Parents]-802 was born on 1 Jan 1630 in England, United Kingdom. He died in 1711/1712 in Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States. John married (MRIN:773) Emery PAGE Mrs-2156 about 1678 in Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States.

Other marriages:
LAMB, Emory Mrs

Emery PAGE Mrs-2156. Emery married (MRIN:773) John PAGE-802 about 1678 in Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States.

John PAGE [Parents]-802 was born on 1 Jan 1630 in England, United Kingdom. He died in 1711/1712 in Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States. John married 1 (MRIN:774) Emory LAMB Mrs-2157 on 5 Sep 1699.

Other marriages:
PAGE, Emery Mrs

Emory LAMB Mrs-2157. Emory married 1 (MRIN:774) John PAGE-802 on 5 Sep 1699.

Samuel PAGE [Parents]-803 was born 1, 2 on 20 Aug 1633 in Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States. He died in 1691. Samuel married 3, 4 (MRIN:775) Hannah-2158 about 1667 in Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States.

Hannah-2158. Hannah married 1, 2 (MRIN:775) Samuel PAGE-803 about 1667 in Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States.

George ALDOUS [Parents]-804 was born on 18 Sep 1822 in Kelsale, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom. He died on 1 Feb 1905. George married (MRIN:776) Harriett LEGGETT-2450 on 7 Jul 1845.

Harriett LEGGETT-2450. Harriett married (MRIN:776) George ALDOUS-804 on 7 Jul 1845.

Emer Martin HARRIS [Parents] [scrapbook]-2622 was born 1 on 6 Aug 1856 in Harrisville, Weber, Utah, United States. He died 2, 3, 4 on 28 Sep 1934 in Ogden, Weber, Utah, United States. He was buried 5 on 30 Sep 1934 in Logan, Cache, Utah, United States. Emer married 6 (MRIN:777) Louise KEARNS-1109 on 22 Nov 1895 in Logan, Cache, Utah, United States.

Emer was counted in a census 7 in 1900 in Benson, Cache, Utah, United States.

Other marriages:
POULTER, Hannah Montgomery Wood [twin]

Records of Ruby Harris Oram
For a history, see notes on Ethel Fern Oram.

by Luman A. Shurtliff

CENSUS: Emer M Harris age 43, Wife Louisa 24, Ethel 17, Ruby 15, Leroy 13, Della 11 and Ida 2.

BURIAL: Burial Lot A_ 180_ 6_ 8

Louise KEARNS [scrapbook] 1-1109 was born 2 on 18 Mar 1876 in Buelach, Zurich, Switzerland. She died 3 on 15 Feb 1967 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, United States. Louise married 4 (MRIN:777) Emer Martin HARRIS-2622 on 22 Nov 1895 in Logan, Cache, Utah, United States.

Social Security Number: 528-32-6259

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Death Residence Localities
ZIP Code: 84109
Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah
Slc, Salt Lake, Utah

BIRTH: Records of Eliza Pearl Harris Wardleigh state that she was born in Buelach, Zurich, Switzerland.

They had the following children.

  F i Ida Louise HARRIS-806 was born on 3 Aug 1896. She died on 2 Nov 1951.
  F ii
Monta HARRIS-2937 was born on 3 Apr 1898 in Benson, Cache, Utah, United States. She died on 6 Mar 1899.

Records of Ruby Harris Oram
  F iii Eliza Pearl HARRIS-2935 was born on 18 Apr 1902. She died on 3 May 1983.
  M iv Melvin Henry HARRIS-2936 was born on 10 Mar 1907. He died in Jan 1987.
  F v LaVerne HARRIS-2934 was born on 17 Jan 1910. She died on 25 Jul 1986.

Farrell Staker SEAMONS-5462 was born on 27 Sep 1896 in Rockport, Summit, Utah, United States. He died on 22 Aug 1973 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, United States. Farrell married (MRIN:778) Ida Louise HARRIS-806 on 1 Jun 1921.

Ida Louise HARRIS [Parents]-806 was born on 3 Aug 1896 in Bryan, Bingham, Idaho, United States. She died on 2 Nov 1951. Ida married (MRIN:778) Farrell Staker SEAMONS-5462 on 1 Jun 1921.

Records of Ruby Harris Oram

Robert ALDOUS [Parents]-2774 was born about 1479 in of Fressingfield, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom. He was buried on 20 Jan 1559/1560 in Fressingfield, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom. Robert married (MRIN:779) Elizabeth ALDOUS-2363.

Robert had a will on 4 Apr 1558 in Fressingfield, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom. His will was probated on 13 Dec 1560 in Fressingfield, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom.

From records in the posession of Tim Farr.


The earliest known record of Robert Aldous, born about 1479, is dated 1500, when he was apparently of age and named, with his father, William Aldous, in a deed by which they received property from his grandfather, Thomas Warner, property in Fressingfield, Suffolk, England, where they already resided. In 1502 another gift-deed in­cludes Robert's mother Johan (Joan). There is also a 1518 deed about Robert and his parents deeding property to Robert's brother Thomas.
Robert, his father, and brothers Thomas and Richard appear on a tax list (subsidy) of 1524. In 1528 Robert and his daughter Johan (Joan) are named in Robert's father's will.
Robert and his wife Elizabeth became the parents of at least seven children; that number grew to adulthood, and there could have been others who died young.
Robert's will is dated 4 April 1558, and he calls himself “Rob­ert Aldous thelder of Fresingfelde.” He had fairly extensive land holdings, and lived comfortably.
In his will his first concern is for his wife. “I will and geve to Elisabethe my wiffe all my lands and Tenements bothe Free and bonde/--Except onlye my Tenement wt the lands belonginge ther­unto called Gorhffrs together wt all my milche keene horses mares geld­yings & Colts wt all my howsholde stuffe Come & other movables from the Feaste of Seynt Michaell tharchangell next after my decease unto thend and terme of thre yeres.” This bequest has one condition, which is “that my sayd wiffe do not Labour traveyle go or ryde out of the sayd towne of Fresingfelde.” The will continues, “And after the sayd terme of thre yeres expired then I will that my sayd wiffe shall have the parlor and the chamber over the parlour in the sayd howse for terme of her naturall liffe together and the Browerne w~ the soller over the same! And to have the easment of the chymney in the olde hall and the easment of the Oven in the backhowse when and as ofte as she will duringe hir liffe/: And also I will that Elisa- bethe my wiffe shall have halfe the Frute growytige of and upon the Tenement and lands the whiche I have geven unto my sonne Will!!! together wt the goynge or pasture and sufficient wynter meate for foure mylche keene in the lands whiche I shall geve hereafter heryn to my sonne Willm with my sayd howse/.” Additionally, Robert requests that Elizabeth, since she will have the family home, accept the responsibility of “keping therwithe hospitalitye and sufferinge my sonnes suche as be singlemen to have the newe chamber in the howse wherin I nowe dwell duringe the tyme that they be single and unmaryed.” Later in the will Robert mentions that sons William, John, and Robert are the unmarried ones and adds that they should have their chamber “so longe as they or anye of them shalbe unmar­yed.” Also, Elizabeth is to have “all her Apparrell ornaments & Jowells belongynge to her bodye.”
Robert stipulates that after the said term of three years his son William is to receive for his own "my Tenement wherin I nowe dwell called Bournys wt all suche lands as be nexte adioyninge and belongynge . . . And also my horse mylle wt the stones and other Apprtenncs therunto belonginge Except the sayd parlor and Chamber for terme of my wyves liffe!: And after the decease I will the same parlour and Chamber shall remayne to my sayd sonne Willm.” In addi­tion to “Bournys” William is, after the three years, to receive “my Close called Bardenes in Fresingfeld aforesayd and all that my Tene­ment sometyme buylded called Cotwyns wt all the lands therunto be­longinge . . . Except twoo pecs percell of the same hereafter . geven . . . to my other sonnes/.”
For the privilege of inheriting the specified lands, Robert requests certain obligations of William, all after he comes into possession. The first obligation is that he shall pay his mother an “Annuytie or yerlye Rente” of thirty-three shillings three pence. The second is that he shall, “duringe the naturall liffe of my sayd wiffe delyver or cause to be delyvered . . . foure Combes of good wheate and fyve Combes of good malte readye grounde in good pure meale to bake and brewe! The sayd meale to be delivred evrye weeke A quantytye therof as my sayd wiffe shall have nede to have and occupye therof/.” Also he should "wtin thre monethes next after the sayd terme of thre yeres expyred and ended make or cause to be made in the tresens betwene the hall and the parlor in the howse wherin I nowe dwell, for A quyetnes betwene my sayd wiffe and my sayd sonne A payre of Steyres wt A dore goynge out of the sayd hall up into the Chamber over the sayd hall!.”
Son Thomas is already married, and to him his father gives “Imedyatlye after my decease all that my Tenement called Gorhms wt all the lands belongynge therunto lyenge and beynge in wetinghm [a hamlet in Fressingfield]! . . . Also . . . at thend of the terme of the sayd thre yeres the greater parte or pcell of my Closse called
Bellysuale Closse as it ys devyded and severed wt an hedge lyeinge next unto Gochis Closse Fyndinge halfe the deade Fence devydinge the same Close!.”
To son John, Robert bequeaths “at thend of the sayd thre yeres all that my medowe called Chepenhale grene medowe withe thapprtenncs conteynynge by estyma~on two Acres be yt more or lesse! And the two gardyn plotts next adioyninge to the sayd medowe, parcell of the whiche sayd medowe was and ys pcell of the sayd tenement Cotwyns before excepted And my medowe conteynynge by estymaron halfe an Acre be yt more or lesse wt thappttenffcs as yt lyethe next the med­owe of my brother Thomas Aldous thelder called the Brydge medowe! And also all that my Close lyenge nexte the olde parke conteynynge by estymacon fyve Acres be yt more or lesse/ . . . all that my parte of the woode called Bellisuale woode conteynynge xxtie Acres togeth­er wt the sponge lyenge up to Bellisuale Closse lyenge next unto the pightells of John Owles Fyndynge teother halfe of deade Fence devyd­inge this his parte from the foresayd parte before geven to my sayd sonne Thomas!.”
Son Robert is to have “at thende of the sayd terme of thre yeres all my Closse called Carlowe wt thapprtenffcs and all that my Closse wt th apprtenncs called Androcks fylde with A litle medowe therunto adioynynge called grenes medowe conteynynge by estymacyon one Acre be yt more or lesse whiche sayd medowe was and ys thother parte or pece belongynge to the Tenement Cotwyns before excepted and halfe an Acre of land called Wallys slade and also one Acre of land lyenge in the parke Closse in Fresingfylde.”
There were three daughters in the family. Two of them were married before Robert made his will; they, Agnes Barbor and Johan Foxe, are bequeathed four marks each. The unmarried daughter, Alice, is to receive twenty marks “to be payd to her at the daye of her marryage or elles when she shalbe of thage of xxxtie yeres At whiche of the sayd tymes shall happen soneste!.” Three years following her father's decease Alice is to receive “foure mylche keene.”
After the same three years John and Robert are required to pay annuities to their mother Elizabeth. John's amount is twenty shil­lings, and Robert's is thirteen shillings four pence.
If the sons fail to live up to the requirements their father makes of them their mother can “entre into all my lands and tene­ments and everye pcell therof . . . and there . . . leade, dryve carye awaye with her or her assigneis to deteyne and kepe untill my sayd wiffe or her Assigneis shalbe of the sayd Anuyties or yerelye Rents and the sayd wheat and malte and everye parte of them and th arrerrages of the same yf anye shalbe fullye contented satisfyed and payd/.”
At the end of the three years, when Elizabeth is to give up the property, Robert provides that she should have “my graye mare and foure of the beste of my keene to be then taken at her choyse!.” At the same time daughter Alice and sons William, Thomas, John, and Robert are to each receive “foure mylche keene.” Additionally, Wil­liam is to have “my baye mare,” John “my blacke Colte,” and Robert “my graye balde Colte.” Then, too, half of the “houshold stuffe” that Elizabeth has been using is “to be taken and parted indiffer­entlie.” The “other halfe of my howsholde stuffe” is to be “parted and devyded evenlye amongeste” sons William, John, and Robert, and “doughter” Alice.
Robert concludes with, “The resydue of all my goods Cattells moneye plate come and movables not afore geven & bequethed I putt them to the disposycon of my Executors whom I ordeyne & appoynte my wiffe Willm and John my sonnes they to paye my debts and performe therwith this my laste will and Testament and honestlye to burye me!.”
After Robert's will was written, his and Elizabeth's daughter Agnes, in 1558 the widow of Robert Barbor, prepared her will in which she names her brothers Thomas “Alldowes” and John “Aldowes,” as well as her children.
Two and a half years after preparing his will Robert died. He was buried 20 January 1559/60. Undoubtedly his wishes were carried out, with mother, daughter, and sons living at Bourneys and carrying on the farm tasks much as before. After two years daughter Alice died, and after three years the sons came into their possessions. William probably built, as directed, the stairway from the hall (the main room of the house) up to the hall chamber (the room above the hall). Apparently the already existing stairway was in the parlor (large bedroom and living room combined) and went up to the parlor chamber (another bedroom). These two rooms became exclusively Eliz­abeth's. The sons, still all three unmarried, used the hall (or main room of the house) and hall chamber. Or, since Robert lived more than two years after preparing his will, there is the possibil­ity that he finished the stairway to the chamber above the hall, which chamber was new at the date of the will. Elizabeth likely received her wheat and malt from William, and the annuities from him, John, and Robert.

Elizabeth ALDOUS-2363 was born about 1495 in of Fressingfield, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom. She was buried on 11 Feb 1575/1576 in Fressingfield, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom. Elizabeth married (MRIN:779) Robert ALDOUS-2774.

Elizabeth had a will on 4 Apr 1566 in Fressingfield, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom. Her will was probated on 11 Apr 1576 in Fressingfield, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom.

On the fourth day of April in 1566 Elizabeth's will was written. She is quite specific about what she gives to her heirs, which heirs include sons William, Thomas, John, and Robert; daughter Johan; and grandchildren Elizabeth Aldowes, Fraunces Aldowes, and John Aldowes. Cash bequests total thirty-seven pounds five shillings. Of furni­ture she mentions two beds, including "my posted bed in my plot with one fetherbed one bolster one paire of shets and one paire of blan­ketts one coveringe and two pillowes" and "my trundlebed that I lye in with A fetherbed one bolster one payre of blanketts one paire of shets and one coveringe." Bed linen given separately from beds con­sists of two pillows, two "beares [pillowcases]," four pairs of sheets, and "my red saye bedcloth." Two tables are listed--a "rownde" one, as well as the "table and form [bench] in the hail." Her four sons are to receive a tablecloth each. Other pieces of furniture named are a "greate hutche," a red coffer, a black coffer, and two chairs.
Quite a number of household containers, utensils, and dairy implements are named by Elizabeth. The following were probably all used at the fireplace: "my spete and Aundiron my Latten ladle and my keatle called Abbotts keatle . . . my fire pane and my gridiron and also my tongs." Dishes include "fyve greate pewtre platters," "two sasers," a "chafing dishe," "thre pewter Dishes," and "fowre porren­gets." Probably used in the preparation of food were these items:
"litle brasse potte . . . greate brasse potte . . . greate keatle coper keatle . . . keatle called tynkers keatle . . . two eared brasse pane . . . latche pan . . . spice morter . . . frienge pan." The dairy and other outbuildings likely are where the major­ity of the next items were kept and used: "lesser brasse mylke pans greate brasse pane . . . litle brasse mylk pan . . . great caldron . . . newe mylke tubbe . . . saltinge trough . . . one litLe keler [a keeler is a broad shallow tub] . . . great keler • . • flitch [probably indicating made of laminated pieces of wood] trough . . . charne . . . greate sallowin bouie . . . two great fatts [vats] . . . one greate printe • . . one breade . . • layer
• . . litle starte pane • . . brewenge tubbe . . • chese press . rest of my small fatts not before gyven." Some of these items were obviously used in the brewery, called "the Browerne" in Robert's will.
Elizabeth also bequeaths a candlestick and, of personal items, "corall beades," a "silke hatte," a "red mentyll," a "black mentyll, and twelve yard "kerchers [kerchiefs]." For working in flax and wool are a "hickle [hackle]," and three "towe combes." Three of Elizabeth's heirs are to receive a "mylche cowe" each. She also
Sheet 4
Robert Aldous 1479

gives to specific family members her "plowecheynes," a "carte rope," and "all my planke and borde."
"To the Disposiron of my executors" Elizabeth gives "all the reste of my goods unbequeathed bothe come and haye and other my goods cattalls Implements utensills howsholde stuffe and moveabells," with the provision "that if my seid sones or Doughter or anie of them shall stryve againste my executors and not be contentid with the reasonable ptinge of theise my goods before gyven and bequethed then I will that he she or theye shall not have anie pte of theeise my goods gyven hym and them before."
Elizabeth lived for ten more years, her will being probated 11 April 1576.

They had the following children.

  F i Joane ALDOUS-2688 was born about 1520. She was buried on 15 Jul 1597.
  M ii William ALDOUS-1434 was born about 1522. He was buried on 4 Dec 1583.
  F iii
Alice ALDOUS-807 was born about 1530 in of Fressingfield, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom. She was buried on 10 Feb 1561/1562.
  F iv Agnes ALDOUS-2332 was born about 1522. She was buried on 5 Jan 1558/1559.
  M v John ALDOUS-2165 was born about 1533. He was buried on 5 Oct 1596.
  M vi Thomas ALDOUS Jr-2145 was born in 1535. He died in 1595.
  M vii Robert ALDOUS-1828 was born about 1535. He was buried on 22 Apr 1625.

Rufus Marmaduke MARSDEN-2451. Rufus married (MRIN:780) Angelina ALDOUS-808 on 30 Jul 1845.

Angelina ALDOUS [Parents]-808 was born on 8 Feb 1821 in Kelsale, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom. Angelina married (MRIN:780) Rufus Marmaduke MARSDEN-2451 on 30 Jul 1845.

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