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Results of the Farr DNA project will be posted and updated on the DNA Test Results page as they become available. We hope to make all possible connections between the different Farr groups in the US, Canada, British Isles, France and other areas of Western Europe. We feel confident that if enough people will participate from different parts of the world, we will begin to make connections across the Atlantic as to where the different groups of Farrs originate.


As of 10/1/2012 we have fifty-six members signed up. Fifty-three participant’s test results have come in and are posted on the results page. A DNA project can be a slow process and we will continue to support this project for many years to come. We urge everyone with the Farr surname, or one of its variant spellings, to invite their family groups to join in this project at this link. You will receive a substantial discount on your test.


The test we are offering is a Y-chromosome test for males. You can order a 12, 25, 37 or 67 marker Y-DNA test however we are recommending that you start with a 25 marker test or higher because of how many people are in the project now. Many people are finding that they are having to upgrade from twelve to more markers to confirm if they really do or don’t match someone else in the project. The Y DNA test is only available for males, since the test involves testing a small portion of the Y chromosome, which is passed from father to son.  Males have both an X and a Y chromosome.  They receive the X chromosome from their mother, and the Y chromosome from their father. Females have two X chromosomes, one each from their father and mother.


Testing Y DNA provides information about the direct male line, which would be the father, his father, his father, and so forth, back in time. Scientists have discovered that a small portion of the Y chromosome is passed from father to son, virtually unchanged.  Therefore, if a father and son were tested, their results would match.  If two cousins are tested, who have the same grandfather; their results would match or be a close match.


By comparing the result from a Y DNA test of two males, you can determine if they are related and approximately when the common ancestor occurred.


Because the Y chromosome typically follows surnames, there is a much wider range of applications for Y DNA testing.  In addition, the Y DNA test can resolve a broad spectrum of problems, and provides information about the direct male line.


Y DNA testing is frequently used in Surname Projects.  Surname Projects involve testing one or two males from each identified Line of a surname, to determine which Lines are related, and therefore have a common ancestor.  Surname Projects can also identify the number of origins for a Surname.  In addition, Surname Projects often provide clues for further family history research and locations for research, as well as save people research time with these clues.


If you follow the blue markers on the left side of the chart below, you can see how the Y-chromosome is passed down paternally.




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Group Administrator

Tim Farr


Phone# 435-619-4257


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DNA Links

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Variant Spellings of “Farr” Included In This Project


Faa, Faur, Faure, Faar, Fahr, Fahrr, Fair, Fairy, Faire, Fairr, Far, Fare, Farr, Farre, Faw, Fayre, Fayrey, Fayree, Fer, Ferr, Ffarr, Fir, Firr, Furr, Phau, Pfarr, Phair, Pharr, Pharre, Fere, Ferre


Anyone with the above spellings are welcome to join this project. If you have a spelling that you think should be included in this project, please contact me.


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Last revised: 10/1/2012