Scrapbook Page for Ben Watkins FARR Sr. DNA Participant #14704

Ben's Death Certificate picture

Obituary from The Ogden Standard Examiner picture

Memorial Certificate signed by President Obama picture

Ben's Death Certificate picture

Ben and Fern Farr picture

Ben W Farr Sr picture

Dad on Train picture

Ben and son Tim picture

Family at Dad's 80th birthday party picture

Ben at his 80th birthday party picture

Ben and grandaughter Melanie Farr picture

Ben, Jed and Ben Jr. 1999 picture

Jedd & Ben picture

Jedd & Ben picture

Ben's Chest picture

Ben and Jedd picture

Ben and Fern picture

Burley Idaho picture

Military Honors and Awards picture

Mom, Dad, Jacqui & Karen picture

Mom and Dad's First Car picture

Karen, Jacqui, Timmy, Benny picture

Ben's Ogden High School Diploma picture

Birth Certificate picture

Separation Paper picture

Ben's Discharge picture

Discharge Paper picture

Military Cards picture

Certificate from President Truman picture

Meatcutter Certificate picture

Journeyman Carmen Certificate picture

Dad's Preisthood Line picture

Missionary Card picture

Ben's Seventy Certificate picture

High Priest Certificate picture

Missionary Call picture

Elder Certificate picture

Priest Certificate picture

Teacher Certificate picture

Baptism Certificate picture

Ben and Eagle Scouts picture

City Planning Comission Release picture

Temple Release picture

Blessing picture

WWII Friend Bethel picture

WWII Ben picture

WWII Ben and Canoe picture

Barracks picture

Friend Bethel picture

Native Village New Guinea picture

Native Village New Guinea picture

Tropical Splendor picture

Banyon Tree picture

Beetle Nuts

Used by the natives as chewing tobacco. Would turn there lips and teeth red.

Coconut Tree picture

Ben New Guinea picture

Ben picture

WWII Movie Theatre picture

WWII Movie Theatre picture

Japanese Ship after Invasion picture

Magazine Material After Invasion picture

Cargo Net Washed Onto Shore picture

Ben and Stripes picture

Ben Fort Ord picture

Ben Fort Ord picture

WWII Ship P33 Assault Ship picture

WWII Landing Craft on Ship picture

WWII Bunks on Ship picture

WWII Landing Craft picture

533 B & SR Japan picture

Ben and Cornstalk picture

Ben In Uniform picture

Ben The Soldier picture

Ben and Friends picture

Ben On Bridge picture

Ben In Field picture

Ben's DNA Certificate picture

Ben Missionary Photo Tempe AZ picture

Ben on Mission picture

Ben Tempe AZ picture

Ben's Discharge Papers #1 picture

Ben's Discharge Papers #2 picture

Dad's First House He Converted Out of an Garage picture

Ben & Fern's Marriage Certificate picture

Ben & Fern's Marriage Affidavit picture

Mom & Dad's Headstone

Burial: Ogden City Cemetery  Ogden Weber County Utah, USA Plot: R-19-6-3E