Ancestors of Tim Farr and Descendants of Stephen Farr Sr. of Concord, Massachusetts and Lidlington, Bedfordshire, England

John BELGRAVE 1 was buried 2 on 12 Feb 1590 in Leverington, Cambridgeshire, England, United Kingdom. John married 3 Elizabeth FAYERFOXE on 25 Aug 1578 in St James Parish, Bury Saint Edmonds, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom.

Other marriages:
STRUTT, Joanna

JOHN BELGRAVE of Leverington, Cambridgeshire, England, married Joanna Strutt, daughter of John and Catherine Strutt of Glemsford, Suffolk, 22 September 1560 at Glemsford. Joanna was buried at Leverington 14 August 157 7. John Belgrave married secondly at Saint James parish, Bury Saint Edmunds, 25 August 1578, Elizabeth Fayerfoxe (or Fairfax) of Bury Saint Edmunds. John Belgrave was buried at Leverington 12 February 1590/91. His will, bearing his signature, is abstracted below. Leverington is fifty miles northwest of Glemsford.

3 February 1590/91 - the will of JOHN BELGRAVE of Leverington, Isle of Ely, county Cambridge, yeoman, sick in body ... to be buried in the churchyard of Leverington ... to son Abraham Belgrave my house and lands in Leverington where I dwell ... to son George Belgrave land in Seafield, Long Meadow and Catfield, all in Leverington ... to son Jacob Belgrave land in Hylcrofte and Mayes Lane ... to son Thomas Belgrave land in Long Meadow in Leverington and my house and buildings in Glemsford in Suffolk ... my three daughters Tomyzin, Elizabeth and Catheren Belgrave, to have 10s. each from the estate, and £10 from my Sons Abraham, George and Jacob respectively ... to Elizabeth and William Froste, children unto my son Edward Froste, a ewe and a lamb ... to Mr. Bowler our parson two of my best wethers ... residue to wife Elizabeth Belgrave, she to be executrix ... son in law Edward Froste supervisor. Witnesses: Mr. Richard Bowler the writer of this will, Henry Johnson, Richard Coxen, Thomas Fricewell with others. Proved 11 March 1590/91. (Ref.: Consistory Court of Ely, 5:39)

Elizabeth FAYERFOXE. Elizabeth married 1 John BELGRAVE on 25 Aug 1578 in St James Parish, Bury Saint Edmonds, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom.

John STRUTT [Parents] 1 died in 1591 in Glemsford, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom. John married Catherine.

John's will was probated 2 on 12 May 1591 in Glemsford, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom.

Other marriages:
SCOTT, Julian

JOHN STRUTT (Thomas, John) of Glemsford in Suffolk was married first to Catherine who was buried there on 18 August 1578. He married secondly 21 October 1578, Julian Scott, daughter of Richard Scott, yeoman, of Fynstead which is in the parish of Glemsford. John Strutt appears on the 1568 Subsidy List as taxed 6s.8d. on £5 worth of land. He was buried at Glemsford on 22 April 1591, having made his will six days before. An abstract follows. Twelve years later, an Inquisition Post Mortem into the property he held was taken. An abstract of the Inquisition also follows. The will of Richard Scott, dated 13 February 1577/8, named Julyan Scott and two of her brothers, Richard and George Scott, who were named in her husband's will. Julian (Scott) Strutt married secondly at Glemsford, 30 June 1591 widower Ambrose Biggs, senior, and had a Daughter who died a year later. Ambrose Biggs was buried 9 May 1621 at  Glemsford.

19 April 1591 - the will of JOHN STRUTT of Glemsford, county Suffolk, yeoman ... to the poor of Glemsford ... to wife, Juliane all houses and lands until my daughter Anne Strutte is 18. and at Michaelmas following they are to be partitioned. with wife having half for life ... if Anne dies without issue, houses and lands go to my nephew ~grandchild Thomas Belgrave, he paying 20 nobles each to his brothers and sisters, the children of my late daughter Joan Belgrave deceased ... to my sister Ursula Brewster 10s  to John Goldinge and his son George Goldinge land in Great Wylwyn ... to Richard Scotte 6s.3d. and to each child of Eustace Strutte 10s   my wife and daughter Anne Strutte to he my executors. My brother George Scott supervisor. Witnesses: William Biggs, clerk, Thomas Gardiner, Ambrose Biggs, Thomas Gardener the younger, Richard Symonds and others. On 20 April John Strutt surrendered land bequeathed to John Brewster the elder, mentioned land sometime in the tenure of Thomas Strutt father of the said John Strutt. Proved 12 May 1591. (Ref.: Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Bacon 24)

INQUISITION POST MORTEM, held at Hadleigh. Suffolk, 21 March 1602/3 on the estate of JOHN STRUTT of Glemsford, c yeoman, who died 23 April 1591 seised of the following, in demesne as of fee:

I A chief messuage In which he lived with a garden, orchard, and Common pasturage.
ii A piece of land lying in Holbroke, abutting Wilwen Meadow.
iii 1 1/2 acres of land in Mullicrofte, Glemsford.
iv 1 acre on the west of Rldlowe alias Rithe field in Glemsford.
v 1 rood of pasture lately part of Willingharn's croft in Glemsford.
All these were held of Richard Eliot, gentleman, as of the manor of Peverells in Glemsford, by fealty and several rents, amounting in all to 21 3/4 pence.
And they are worth 20s. per annum clear.
vi Pattys Croft, with a woodland grove adjoining, in all 4 acres.
vii 2 acres of land called Suckenhedge, in Glernsford
viii A piece of land and a grove, now uprooted, in Wilwen field, abutting in part upon the land of the Rectory of Glernsford, and in part upon the
piece called Suckcnhedge, towards the east.
ix 1 acre in Wilwenfield, abutting on Morgans pightle towards the east.
x 2 acres of meadow in Broad Meadow, in Glemsford
xi Another 1/2 acre in Broad Meadow
xii 5 roods of pasture in Freedes Field, next to Freed wood, in Glemsford.
xiii Half an acre of land in Melfield
xiv Another 1/2 acre in Wilwen Field, in Glemsford
xv 1 acre of land in Longland Field, in Glemsford
xvi 3 acres of land called Reedinge, in Glemsford
xvii Another 1/2 acre in Gravel-pit Field, in Glemsford
xviii An enclosure of land called Rand, in Glemsford
xix 1 1/2 acres with appurtenances, on the east side of Ridlowe Field, in Glemsford.
xx 1 acre called Crowsland in Welwend Field, in Glemsford.
xvi 3 roods of land called Shreves Croft, in Glemsford
Items No. vi to xv inclusive were held of the queen, as of the manor of Glemsford, lately parcel of the possessions of the Bishopric of Ely, then vacant, and now part of the possessions ofthequeen,bythe Service of fealty and several rents, amounting in all to 8s. 4d. per annum, and Suit of court, in free socage and not in chief, for all services. And they are worth in all 20s. per annum, clear. Item xxi was held of the queen, as of the manor of Glemsford, by fealty and a rent of three pence. It is worth 20s. per annum clear.

John Strutt made a will dated 19 April 1591, the provisions of which, so far as they relate to these properties, are set out in English.

Ann Strutt, daughter and one heir of said John Strutt had attained the age of 17 years by the 4th of July preceeding the holding of the inquest (1602] and is married to Ambros Biggs, junior.

Thomas Belgrave, the son of John Belgrave, another daughter of John Strutt deceased, is kinsman and another heir of said John and was over 21 when the latter died. Julian Strutt (John's widow] subsequently married Ambrose Biggs senior and still lives at Glemsford. This couple has taken charge of the aforesaid tenements and appurtenances, and have received the revenues and profits thereof since the death of John Strutt. (Chancery Series 285:126)

24 August 1634 - the will of AMBROSE BIGGS of Glemsford, county Suffolk, gentleman ... to daughter Margerie, wife of William Hall, and her lawful heirs, messuage where I now dwell at Tyegreene in Glemsford ... and all lands, etc. which were John Strutt's, deceased grandfather of the said Margerie ... other land to daughter Margerie, if I have no heirs by my present wife Anne ... executor to be William Hall. Proved 12 Jan. 163 4/5. (Archdeaconry of Sudbury W1:90:l97)

Catherine 1 was born in 1512 in Glemsford, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom. She was buried 2 on 18 Aug 1578 in Glemsford, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom. Catherine married John STRUTT.

They had the following children.

  F i Joanna STRUTT was buried on 14 Aug 1577.
  M ii
Thomas STRUTT was buried 1 on 17 Jul 1551 in Glemsford, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom.
  M iii
Ambrose STRUTT was buried 1 on 22 Mar 1562 in Glemsford, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom.

Richard BRACKETT [Parents] was born 1 about 1550 in Sudbury, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom. He was buried 2 on 26 May 1626 in Long Melford, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom. Richard married Mrs Richard BRACKETT about 1579.

Other marriages:

RICHARD BRACKETT (William, William) was probably born about 1550-1554 at Sudbury, Suffolk, England, where his family had lived for several generations. On 25 September, 1589, at All Saints Church, Sudbury, he married Alice Harper. This must have been a second marriage for him, for it was too late for the births of Richard, Rose, Peter and Tobias, who must have been his children, and certainly for Margerie, whose baptism is recorded. By Alice he had one or two children. Then she died and was buried on 17 May 1595 at Saint Peter's in Sudbury. He then married for a third time, on 4 February 1601/2 at Long Melford, the widow Greengrasse. He apparently moved to Long Melford about this time. Long Melford is the next town to the north of Sudbury. He and his son, Richard, junior, were on a jury in Long Melford in 1609 and again on 8 June 1612. On 16 June 1617, Richard Brackett surrendered a tenement, which he had taken on 20 June 1614, so that it might be regranted to himself and his wife, Elizabeth. This amounted to a renewal of a farm lease. It would imply that Elizabeth was the former widow Greengrasse. Richard Bracket, senior, was buried on 26 May 1626 at Long Melford.

Ref.: Parish Registers; Bishop's Transcripts; Probate Records at Bury Saint Edmunds

Mrs Richard BRACKETT. Mrs married Richard BRACKETT about 1579.

They had the following children.

  M i
Richard BRACKETT was born 1 about 1580 in Long Melford, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom.

RICHARD, presumably a son, b about 1580-85; m 30 May 1607 at Long Melford, Margaret Weeden; ch. bapt. there: Agnes 26 April 1608, Abraham 31 May 1609 (he m Ann Mabson 1633 & had ch.), Isaack 14 March 1610/11, Alice 1 April 1613- d.y., Richard 13 Dec. 1614 (he m Joan_____ & had ch.), Margaret 11 Jan. 1617/18, Eden 10 Oct. 1619 - prob. d.y., Anne dau.of Richard buried 12 Oct. 1620. Margaret, wife of Richard, was buried 19 July 1620. Hem 2, Mary; ch.: Abigail 22 Aug. 1621, Alice 16 Feb. 1622/3; Mary, wife of Richard, buried 21 Sept. 1626; he m 3,?; ch.: William 1 July 1627, Thomas 26 Sept. 1630, Dorothy 26 Jan. 1633/4. A ch. of Richard Brackett's was buried 24 March 1638/9.
  M ii Peter BRACKETT was born in BET 1580 AND 1585. He was buried on 25 Aug 1616.
  F iii Rose BRACKETT.
  M iv Tobias BRACKETT was born about 1585. He was buried on 23 Jun 1634.

Martin SAUNDERS. Martin married 1 Rachel about 1618 in Sudbury, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom.


Inventory of the estate of Martine Saunders, senior, of Brantrey, deceased, 41h: 6 ma.: (58) . . . .Amount £321.17 ... .Appraisers: William Allis, Moses Paine, Edmund Quinsey For a full, fynatl h Amicable Conclusion & Agreement betweene John Saund's, Martine Saundrs, Francis Elliott & Robert Parmenter, all of Brantrie, sonnes & Sonnes in Law to y' Late Martine Saund's,of Braintrie. It is agreed upon ye j0Lh8no. 1658. That John Saundrs, Eldest sonne to the Late Martine Saund's, (the will of y~ said Martins, the father, notwithstanding) shall have the house, barns. Cowhouse, together with yC yards. Orchards, Gardens & a Little piece of meadow lyeing to yC house, all WCh yC said Martins Saund's died possessed of, with all y~ liberties, &c. 2. It is agreed upon, yt Francis Elliott in right of his wife, shall have y' piece of meadow Lying on yC neck, 6 acres, more or less, to him & to his heirs, &c. And also, with y' £7 he hath had,have it madeup out of y~ estate of Ma.rtine Saun.drs y'- Lather, an squall portion with Martins Saundrs & Robert Parrnenter. 3. It is further agreed upon, y1 Martins Saunds. youngest sonne, to y'~ late Martins Saundrs, shall have a piece of upland & meadow, formtly his fathers, in pumpkin hill, Running from his broth John Saundrs Lyne of 25 Rodds brooad, till it come to the sea, & shall also have it made up an squall p'portion with y' rest of his sisters, with what he hath had, at his marriage. 4. It is Lastly concluded & agreed, y~ Robert Parrnenter, in right of his wife, shall have all y' Lands Lying in Pumpkin hill, together with y'~ meadow thereunto belonging, excepting 4 acres, yt is John Saunds, as above, & y~ upland & meadow yt is Mar-tine Saunds, wch Lyeth at y~ end of John Saundrs, for his dau. in Law Rachell's use, & shall also have it made up out of y' Estate Left byyr said Martins Saundrs, y' father, an squall p'portion, with his sister Elliott, accounting what his wife had at marriage. Y~ parties above mentioned bind ymselves in y'~ penal ~um of £100. This Oct~. 1658. Whereas Francis Elliott, sonne In Law to the Late Martins Saundrs, prsenting a will signed by the Late Martins Saundrs, bearing date 5Ih 5m0. 1658, about wch yr was some difference & discontent between y'~ sonnes of yr said Saundts, W~h y' Court Considering of, advised y' Children to Come to a Loveing Agreemr amongst ymselves, yr being severall objections made against y'~ said will. [All things being amicably settled, an in- ventory was made, and allowed by the court 2 February 16591

.Saunders Children---
MARY, bapt. 26 Aug. 1619 at All Saints, Sudbury; in about 1640 in N.E.
Francis Eliot, younger brother of the Apostle; 6 cli.; he d 1677 MARTIN, bapt. 4 March 1621/2; buried 25 Nov. 1622 at All Saints
LEAH, bapt. 10 Oct. 1623 at All Saints; in 1, about 1643 at Braintree,
John Wheatley who d about 1646; 1 cli. Rachel b about 1644; in 2, 3 April 1648 at Braintree, Robert Parmenter, b about 1622, prob. son of Joseph; 4 cli,; he d 27 June 1696 as 74 at Braintree; she d at Braintree 24 March 1706/7
JUDITH, bapt. 27 Dec. 1625; d unm. at Braintree 5 Sept. 1651
JOHN, bapt. 10 March 1627/8; m9 Oct. 1650 at Braintree, Mary Munjoy,
dau. of John of Abbotsham, Devon, England; 6 cli.; she d before 10 Jan. 1683/4 when he made his will naming dau. Mary, wife of Win. Veazy, Sons John & Josiah, both minors; 1 Oct. 1684, prob. contemplating in, he deeded land to Sons John & Josiah; he in 2, Hannah & had 3 more ch.: Rachel, Daniel, Patience; his will pr. 28 March 1689
MARTIN, bapt. 29 Aug. 1630; ml April 1651 at Braintree, Lydia, dau. of Richard & Elizabeth Hardier, of 4 ch. recorded, only EIiz. surv.; he d 4 Sept. 1706 as 78 at Braintree; she d 9 March 1712/13
DANIEL, bapt. 25 March 1631/2; buried at All Saints 1 Aug. 1684

Rachel. Rachel married 1 Martin SAUNDERS about 1618 in Sudbury, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom.

Other marriages:

After being left a widow, Rachel doesn't appear in any other English records yet found for two years. Then, however, she remarried to Martin Saunders, a currier of Sudbury. On or about 10 April 1635, Martin Saunders, Rachel, and their seven minor children, and also her daughter Rachel (Brackett) Newcomb and her husband Francis and two children, all set sail from London aboard the Planter, Nicholas Trerice, Master. They arrived in Boston 7 June following. On the passenger list, Martin and Rachel are listed as aged 40 and from Sudbury. With them also were three servants: Mary Fuller age 15, Richard Smith age 14, and Richard Ridley age 16. No more is known of the three young servants. Now the ages given on the passenger list for the Saunders family members were mere estimates on the part of the clerk, as can be shown in the case of the children. Martin and Rachel were apparently nearer 45, or born around 1590, which would make her about 18 at the birth of her first child and 42 at the birth of the last one. The Bracketts, Newcombs and Saunders, all from Sudbury, all settled in that part of Boston which was soon set off as the town of Braintree. Rachel Saunders was of course the mother of Richard and Peter Brackett, of Rachel Newcomb, and the Saunders children. Rachel Saunders was admitted to the Boston church on 8 November 1635, the same time as was Richard Brackett's wife, Alice. On 16 April 1639 she was dismissed to the new Braintree church. Rachel died at Braintree 15 September 1651. Martin Saunders remarried 23 May 1654 to Elizabeth Bancroft, widow of Roger. When his son John was about to marry Mary Munjoy, he deeded him some of his land. Martin Saunders died 4 August 1658, having made his will 5 July preceding.

Peter BRACKETT [Parents] was born 1 about 1608 in Sudbury, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom. He was buried 2 on 24 Jul 1688 in Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States. Peter married 3, 4 Martha RAYE on 4 Oct 1632 in Cavendish, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom.

Martha RAYE died 1 on 14 Dec 1637 in All Saints, Sudbury, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom. Martha married 2, 3 Peter BRACKETT on 4 Oct 1632 in Cavendish, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom.

Francis NEWCOMB was born 1 about 1605 in England, United Kingdom. He died 2, 3 on 27 May 1692 in Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United States. Francis married 4, 5 Rachel BRACKETT on 27 May 1630 in All Saints, Sudbury, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom.

Rachel BRACKETT [Parents] was christened 1 on 28 Apr 1614 in All Saints, Sudbury, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom. Rachel married 2, 3 Francis NEWCOMB on 27 May 1630 in All Saints, Sudbury, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom.

Sailed to New England in 1635 in the "Planter" with her mother.

Thomas BLOWER was born about 1556 in England, United Kingdom. He was buried 1 on 1 Oct 1597 in Lavenham, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom. Thomas married 2 Susan VINCENT on 27 Feb 1581 in Bildeston, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom.

Other marriages:

THOMAS BLOWER (Thomas?) a tanner of Lavenharn, Suffolk, England, came from a family that had lived nearby for many generations. In 1464, Thomas Blower of Bildeston made his will and bequeathed to his son John Blower, his son [in-law?] John Cowper of Boxford, and to Thomas Blower who was another son. The will was proved on 23 September of that year. On 7 September 1503, Peter Blower of Melford made his will. No children were mentioned. On 8 October 1481, Mawte [i.e. presumably Maud] Blower of Lavenham made her will and bequeathed her estate to several church and charitable entities, but named no relatives. These were surely relatives of Thomas, perhaps ancestors.

Nicholas Blower of Lavenhana was probably Thomas' brother. Nicholas had the following children recorded there.

NICHOLAS, bapt. 8 Jan. 1575/6; buried 6 Oct. 1577
RACHEL, bapt. 27 April 1578; buried 6 Aug. 1580
RACHEL, bapt. 18 Oct. 1580; buried 26 Oct. 1581
WILLIAM, prob. a twin; buried 25 Oct. 1581
ANNE, bapt. 23 Sept. 1582
SAMUEL, bapt. 2 May 1585
ISAAC, bapt. 26 Nov. 1587
ELIZABETH, bapt. 1 Feb. 1589/90; buried 23 Oct. 1590

Another probable brother to Thomas was Robert Blower of Lavenham whose first wife, Joan, was buried there on 2 March 1563/4. He married secondly, on 12 June 1567/8, Joan Hareknop. Robert Blower was buried 4 June 1585. A Joan Blower, probably his widow, married on 7 April 1591, Edmund Yates. Joan Blower, who was baptized 18 June 1559, was probably the youngest sister of these three Blower men. There is no more record of her. Who were their parents? Rose Blower, wife of Thomas Blower of Lavenham, was buried there on 2 April 1568. She was probably their mother and Thomas, her husband, their father.

Thomas Blower married first, on 10 August 1574 at Long Melford, Suffolk, Alice Sparpointe. She died in 1581, and he married secondly, on 27 February 1581/2 at Bildeston, Susan Vincent, daughter of Andrew and Alice Vincent of Bildeston. Alice was born about 1560.

On 28 September 1597, sick and knowing that death was near, he made his will and died, probably the next day. He was buried at Lavenham on 1 October 1597. Except for the religious preamble, his will is given in full below. No further record of Susan can be found.

28 September 1597 - I Thomas Blowere of Lavharne in the countie of Suff tannere Beinge sycke in bodye But hail in rnynd ... Item I will that Sussana my wyfe paye unto John Blower my eldest sonne when he shalbe of the age of xxiiij yers the surne of thyrtie pounds of good & lawfull monye of England & xx~ when he shalbe of the age of ~ocv years & yf ye said John soo lange shall lyve But yf the forsayd John doo dye befor eyther of ye payments growe dewe then I wyll his porcione to be equalye devyded amongst my sonnes & daughters then shalbe lyvinge Item I will that my land lyinge in Melforde holden~ of the parsones of Melford ase these landes be equaiiye devided Betwene my ii sonnes John It Thomas Biowere eyther of them payinge out of it unto ye childe that now Sussan my wyfe is wthall yf it happene to be a sonne & iyve to ye age of xxiiij yers at ye age of xxiiij yers xv~ apece & yf it hapene to be a daughter then eyther of them to paye unto yt fyftye shyliLynge in good & lawfuil monye of England and soo then further to pay unto there other fower systers Sussana Alice Racheli & Mary Blowere fyftie shillynge apece of lyke Englyshe monye when they shalbe of the age of xxi yers & yf eyther of my sayd daughters dye before then there porcione to be devd then £ will that those of them that lyve untiii it be dewe shall equallye Injoye there partes Item I will that Susana my wyfe shall have to here & here heyres forevere all that my tenment wth ye lande & pasture thereunto belonging syttuate lying & being in Stanstede wythe all my debtes & other my movabell goods what soo ever yeldynge & payinge to that chylde that now she is wthall yf it be adaughter at the age of xxi yers the sum of vpds of lawfull English monye & allsoo to my other fower daughters Susana Alice Rachell & Mary lyke sums of v~ ape cc to bee payd unto eyther of theme at ye lv-ke age of xxj yers And to this my last will I apoynte and ordayne for my executors Susana Blower my wyfe & Nicholas Vincent Brother unto ye for named Susana and in testymonye that this is my wyll & testament I the forsayd Thomas have setto my hand thes beinge witnesses
JohnDay                by me Tomas blower
John Wright          (Proved 27 October 1597)
(Reference: Blomfield 313)

Children, all baptized at Stanstead:
THOMAS, bapt. 10 Oct. 1576; buried 20 Oct. 1576
MARGARET, bapt. 17 Nov. 1577; buried 16 Dec. 1577
JOHN, bapt. 14 June 1579; eldest son alive in 1597.

The will abstracted below is probably his.

10 May 1642 . the will of JOHN BLOWER, clerk, of Mildenhall, Suffolk ... to undutiful daughter Emily whom I beseech God to forgive & make her his servant £5 ... daughter Mary already given unto ... to son John now in St. Christopher £10 one month after his arrival in England ... to Thomas my son £25 within 3 months after the expfration of his apprenticeship ... to my son William £20 when he has served his apprenticeship ... all the rest of my goods to my wife Audry, she to be executrix ... signed John Blower. Proved 5 September 1642.
(Ref. R2/58/372)

SUSANNA, prob. b 1581; m 20 May 1602 at Lavenham, George Rugle

----- by his second wife-----
JOSHUA, bapt. 16 Dec. 1582; d.y.
THOMAS, bapt. 15 Dec. 1585; d.y.
6 THOMAS, bapt. 23 April 1587; m 19 Nov. 1612 at Stanstead, Alice Frost, dau. of Edward & Thomasine (Belgrave) Frost, bapt. 1 Dec. 1594; he came to N.E. in 1635 in the Truelove, aged about 50
CALEB, bapt. 7 July 1588; buried 16 July
ALICE, bapt. 15 March 1589/90; alive in 1597
RACHEL, bapt. 12 Oct. 1591; buried 13 Dec. 1595
MARY, bapt. 25 Feb. 1592/3; alive in 1597
RACHEL, bapt. 13 Dec. 1595 at Lavenham; m 22 Oct. 1615 at St. Gregory's, Sudbury, Mark Salter; ch.: John bapt. 24 May 1618 - buried 2 Nov. 1618, Samuel bapt. 8 Sept. 1633, Matthew bapt.1 March 1625/6 at All Saints, Rachel buried 11 Sept. 1626
CHILD, posthumous, b 1597-8

Ref.: Parish Registers & Bishop's Transcnpts of same; Suffolk County, England Probate Records

Susan VINCENT [Parents] was born about 1562 in England, United Kingdom. Susan married 1 Thomas BLOWER on 27 Feb 1581 in Bildeston, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom.

They had the following children.

  M i Thomas BLOWER was christened on 23 Apr 1587. He died about 1639.

William TILLEY 1 was born 2 about 1607 in Little Minories, , , England, United Kingdom. William married 3 Alice FROST after 1639 in Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States.

Alice FROST [Parents] was christened 1 on 1 Dec 1594 in Stanstead, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom. Alice married 2 William TILLEY 3 after 1639 in Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States.

Other marriages:
BLOWER, Thomas

John BLOWER [Parents] 1 was christened 2 on 23 Mar 1627 in Suffolk, England, United Kingdom. John married 3, 4 Tabitha in 1650 in Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States.

John had a will 5 on 9 Sep 1675 in Massachusetts, United States.

JOHN, bapt. 23 March 1627/8; he was in Boston, N.E. in 1650; m Tabitha 5 ch.:Tabithab 12 Feb. 165415,Mary b 25 April 1657, John b 19 Oct. 1659, Sarah b 1 July 1662.d 22 June 1664,Thomas b 19 May 1665. His will of 9 Sept. 1675 named his wife & 4 ch. was pr. 11 Nov. 1675. He was a cooper, had slaves; in 1663 he was recorded as age 36 when he leased an island in Boston Harbor for 7 years. She was alive on 6 June 1684 when she was referred to in a deed as the widow of John Blower.

Tabitha 1. Tabitha married 2, 3 John BLOWER in 1650 in Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States.

William BRACKETT [Parents] [scrapbook] 1 was born 2 about 1515 in Sudbury, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom. He was buried 3 on 6 May 1575 in St Peters, Sudbury, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom. William married Alice 4.

WILLIAM BRACKETT (William), like his brothers George and Thomas, and his father before him, lived in Sudbury, Suffolk. He was born about 15 15-1520. He was a butcher by trade and had a shop, or stall as it was called, in Sudbury. This he left to his son William.

However, it appears that he lived for a few years in Bury Saint Edmunds, for here we find the baptismal records of several children. Of the six entries, only the last one for the baptism of a daughter gives the father's name. Presumably all the others were also William's children. Also, there was no other known William Brackett and there is no record otherwise of him in Bury Saint Edmunds, so he must have returned to his native Sudbury where he died. Sudbury and Bury Saint Edmunds are about 14 miles apart.

In the 1568 Subsidy Return, he is listed in the parish of Saint Peter, and was taxed 14 shillings on £5 worth of goods.

On 4 May 1575, he made his will and was buried two days later on the 6th at Saint Peter's, not Saint Gregory's as he had requested in his will.

On 11 September 1575, four months later, at Saint Gregory's Church, Alice Brackett remarried to Richard Morells (or Merrells).

4 May 1575 - The will of WILLIAM BRACKETT of Sudbury, Suffolk, Botcher, being at this time in perfect memory .. . my body to be buried in the churchyard of St. Gregoryes ... all my houses with the appurtenances in Sudbury which I have shalbe sold by Richard Brackett my son & Peter Haliwell of little Cornard within two years next & immediately ensuing my decease to the most advantage ... the money to be disburst in manner & form following ... to Alyce Brackett my wife £40 presently after the sale is made. In consideration of it she shall keep Willm Brackett & Maud Brackett my children & if she chance to die or sale be made then I will and give the same £40 to Whim Brackett my son & Maud Brackett my daughter to be equally divided between them.., to Edmond Brackett my son £30 to be paid after my houses be sold . . .if he die, to his children at 21 Maud Brackett my daughter £10 which Alice my wife is to receive and give bond to i-ny executor to pay to Maud at age 18, but if Maud die before age 18, the £ 10 to go to William Brackett my son ... to Richard Brackett my Son the residue of the proceeds of the sale if the said Richard be able to bind the said houses then Iwill that he shall have the p'forrnent thereof giving for the same as another man will ... Alice my wife to have the occupation of all my said houses rent free until they be sold .. . to George Brackett my brother my maser tipped with silver & all my apparrell .... K to Willm Brackett my son & to his heirs my staule in he rnkytte ... Alice my wife to receive the profit thereof until he reaches 21 but if he die before 21, then the same stauie unto Maud my daughter ... to Alice my wife all the movable goods within the houses, one cow & all the swine, except one feather bed & one boulster which lyeth on the bed next the entry which I do give unto Richard my son ... .to Richard Brackett my son all my leases of all those grounds, lands & meadows which I now hold & occupy..., all my corn now growing, and all my goods, chattels & movables unbeqaeathed. Richard to be the executor, Thomas Smyth to be overseer. Witnesses: Lawrence Newman Clarke, George Brackytte, Willm Curd, Nicholas Ruggell, John Brackytte & Thomas Smythe with others.
Proved 5 July 1575 (Ref.: Wroo 88)

Ref.: Probate Records at Bury Saint Edmunds; Parish Registers; Bishop's Transcripts; Suffolk Green Book

Alice 1. Alice married William BRACKETT.

Other marriages:
MORELLS, Richard

They had the following children.

  M i
Edmund BRACKETT 1.

EDMUND, apparently eldest surv. son; ch.: William buried 23 Jan. 1564/5, Faythe bapt. 2 Dec. 1665 (both at St. Gregory's), prob. 4 more cit b 1667-73, Elizabeth bapt. 10 July 1575 at St. Peter's, Judith bapt. 8 Sept. 1577 & buried 9 July 1580,Edithbapt. 5 June 1580 (last 2 at All Saints)
  F ii
Margaret BRACKETT 1 was christened 2 on 30 Jun 1544 in St Mary's, Bury St Edmonds, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom. She was buried 3 on 1 Jul 1545 in St Mary's, Bury St Edmonds, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom.

MARGARET, prob. his dau., was bapt. 30 June 1544 at St. Mary's, Bury St. Edmunds, buried there 1 July 1545, parents not named
  F iii
Susan BRACKETT 1 was christened 2 on 14 Jun 1545 in St Jame's, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom.

SUSAN, bapt. 14 June 1545 at St. James, Bury St. Edmunds, parents not named; she must have d.y. as no further record of her
Child BRACKETT 1 was christened 2 on 22 Feb 1546 in St Jame's, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom.

(ILLEGIBLE), bapt. 22 Feb. 1546/7 at St.James, parents not named
  F v
Margaret BRACKETT 1 was born 2 about 1548. She died 3 on 10 Oct 1566 in Belchamp, Essex, England, United Kingdom.

MARGARET, perhaps another dau. b about 1548; on 10 Oct. 1566 at Belchamp, Margaret Brekett of Sudbury, spinster, was murdered by Thomas Curley of Bures St. Mary, cook, who attacked her and cut her throat as she was walking along the road to Sudbury. For this murder he was indicted by an Inquisition held at Belchamp St. Paul on 12 Dec. 1566 (Calendar of Assize Records - Indictments, Essex, Elizabeth - H.M.S.O. 1578)
  M vi Richard BRACKETT was born about 1550. He was buried on 26 May 1626.
  M vii William BRACKETT was born about 1555. He died about 1583.
  F viii Maud BRACKETT was christened on 20 Nov 1560.

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