Ancestors of Tim Farr and Descendants of Stephen Farr Sr. of Concord, Massachusetts and Lidlington, Bedfordshire, England

Edmund HOVEY [Parents] 1-126 was born on 19 Nov 1728 in Mansfield City, Tolland, Connecticut, United States. He died on 14 Feb 1767. Edmund married 2 (MRIN:151) Mary GILBERT-1705 on 8 Dec 1749 in Mansfield City, Tolland, Connecticut, United States.

Mary GILBERT-1705. Mary married 1 (MRIN:151) Edmund HOVEY-126 on 8 Dec 1749 in Mansfield City, Tolland, Connecticut, United States.

Aaron HOVEY Sr [Parents] [scrapbook] 1-129 was born on 22 Apr 1735 in Mansfield City, Tolland, Connecticut, United States. He died 2 on 10 Mar 1812. Aaron married 3 (MRIN:152) Olive FARWELL-386 on 15 Jan 1761 in Mansfield City, Tolland, Connecticut, United States.

Olive FARWELL [Parents] [scrapbook]-386 was born 1 on 24 Jul 1740 in Mansfield City, Tolland, Connecticut, United States. She died 2, 3 on 29 Jul 1764 in Mansfield City, Tolland, Connecticut, United States. Olive married 4 (MRIN:152) Aaron HOVEY Sr-129 on 15 Jan 1761 in Mansfield City, Tolland, Connecticut, United States.

They had the following children.

  F i Olive HOVEY-357 was born on 30 Oct 1761. She died on 21 Oct 1820.
  F ii Mary HOVEY-387 was born on 11 Apr 1764. She died on 4 Jun 1857.

John SLAUGHTER-1706. John married 1 (MRIN:153) Elizabeth HOVEY-133 on 26 Mar 1767 in Mansfield City, Tolland, Connecticut, United States.

Elizabeth HOVEY [Parents] 1-133 was born on 22 Jun 1744 in Mansfield City, Tolland, Connecticut, United States. She died on 6 Jan 1811. Elizabeth married 2 (MRIN:153) John SLAUGHTER-1706 on 26 Mar 1767 in Mansfield City, Tolland, Connecticut, United States.

William FARR (MRCA) [Parents] [scrapbook] 1, 2-5955 was christened 3 on 3 Oct 1613 in Kempston, Bedfordshire, England, United Kingdom. He was buried 4, 5 on 10 Jan 1683/1684 in Haynes, Bedfordshire, England, United Kingdom. William married 6, 7 (MRIN:154) Faith TAYLOR-5956 on 24 Nov 1630 in Lidlington, Bedfordshire, England, United Kingdom.

William's will was probated 8 on 12 Jan 1683/1684 in Haynes, Bedfordshire, England, United Kingdom.

William Farr is the MRCA (Most Recent Common Ancestor) between our DNA participant from Bedford England and all of the DNA participants in the Stephen Farr of Concord group. Our Bedford participant descends through William's son Thomas and the Stephen Farr group participants descend through William's son Stephen. With the initial 12 marker test results, there was a 37% probability that William Farr could have been our MRCA. With the 25 marker test results, that probability went up to 81%. Now, with our 37 marker results, the probability is at 94%. This equates to 13 generations and about 325 years.

William is Listed in his father's will #92172 Fairfax #92, Stephen Farr.

In putting this family together I used the Will of William Farr the father of Elizabeth (Far) Dennet Heward b.1631, Thomas Farr, Roger Farr and Stephen Farr b.1640. Elizabeth and Stephen are in the vitals as children of William. Roger and Thomas are named as children of William in his will but not found in the vitals as his children. As you see in William's will below, he mentions grandchildren. These grandchildren are easily traced in the vital records to firm up which Elizabeth, Roger and Thomas were the parents and are found on the Farr CD. When used in conjunction with info included below about Elizabeth and also the info from Thomas Farr's will (son of William) and also the administration of Roger Farr's estate (son of William), the family is solid.

In the parish record below you can see that Elizabeth who married George Dennet was a Far, not a Farlye as show in the IGI extraction record. The 'lye' part is a separate word and is actually "the", and then the date is given. This is from the Bishop's Transcripts film #1066922

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The following image is the same record but from the Parish Register.

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George Dennet in his will mentions four sisters, one named Mary Farr. At first I thought this was Mary Farr wife of Lee Farr or Edward Farr. I looked for a father for George Dennet and found Thomas Dennet's will. In Thomas Dennet's will, he mentions his son George and his daughter Mary Farr the wife of Stephen Farr and her son John Farr. This Stephen Farr is the brother to the William Farr (MRCA) who's will is presented below. From the vitals we know that Stephen's first wife was Katherine and they had a daughter Ann. In the vitals Stephen has two more sons named John and Robert after Katherine's. death. His 2nd wife's name has been a mystery until now. From Thomas Dennet's will, FHL film #1066809, her name is obviously Mary and she is the mother of Stephen's son John.

Archdeaconry of Bedford - Will
William Farr of Haynes - Yeoman
1683/4 84 - Films 0088084 and 1066822
Will transcribed by Dean Hunter

In The Name of God Amen
The Twelve Day of Janry 1683 & in the Thirty fifth yeare of The Raigne of King Charles the Second of England & I William ffarr of Hawnes in the County of Bedford yem being weake in body but of good and prfect Remembrance God be praised for I Do make and ordaine this my Last will and Testament in mannor & form followinge that is to say first I committ my soule unto The hands of Almighty God whoe gave it, hoping Through the only merritts of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ To be made pertaker of Everlasting life and my body I Committ to the earth where of it was made To be decently Buried at the Discretion of my executor, hereafter named, and as to These worldy blessing which it hath pleased almighty god to Lend me in this mortall life I Devise and bequeath Them in mannor ffollowinge Item I give and bequeath Elizabeth and John ffarr my Grandchildren tenn shillings a peece Item I give and bequeath unto Ann and Thomas ffarr my Grandchildren Tenn shillings a peece, Item I give and bequeath unto Robert Heyward my Grandson Tenn shillings, Item I give devise and unto Roger ffarr my sonn for the terme of his life All that Messuage with the appurtenances in Marston Mortayne in the said County and two Rightles of pasture neare their unto adjoining and seaven Roods of Meddow by estamation in the parish of Marston aforesaid That I lately purchased of Samuel Keenes and after the Decease of my sonn Roger ffarr as aforesaid Then I give and bequeath the said Messuage Rights of pasture and meddow with their appurtenances unto William ffarr my Grand son, The son of Roger farr aforesaid and to the heirs of his body lawfully begotten He paying out of the aforesaid premuses unto william ffarr my Grandchild the son of Thomas ffarr my sonn the sum of Twenty pounds of Lawfull money of England within six months next after william my Grandchild shall be actually possessed of the premisses and in cases of the said william farr my Grandchild shall happen to Depart this life without Issue of his body lawfully begotten, Then I give & bequeath the said Messuage rights of pasture & meaddow ground with their appurtenances unto william ffarr son of Thomas ffarr my sonn his heirs & Assigns forever Item I give unto Thomas ffarr my sonn two Cartts and wheeles and all my plows & hurrows & plow timber and also my will is & I give unto my sonn Thomas aforesaid so much of my stock graine and other goods To the value or worth of fifteen pounds whom I make and ordaine sole executor of this my Last will & Testament All the Rest of my goods & Chattle whatsoever unbequeathed I give Devise and Bequeath unto Roger ffarr Thomas ffarr and Elizabeth Heyward my Three Children, To Be equally Devide between them each ones part To Bee of equally worth and vallue with the other, but it shall soe happen That my tow sonns and Daughter as aforesd shall nott accord or satisfy them selves in parteinge Those my good and Chattles, Then my will is and I Doe hearby nominate In power and appoint my two loveinge ffrinds John Dunham and John Carter Bothe of hawnes aforesd To make that Devision of my goods and Chattles between my Two Sonns & my Daughter, and To sett out each ones part as in theire judgement shall seeme most equall and Doe appoint Those my two Frinds as aforesd overseers of this my will In witness where of I the said william ffarr the elder have so this my last will and Testament sett my hand and seale dated the Day and year first above written
William ffarr
Published sealed & Delivered in The presence of Jno Hoskett, John Carter The mark of Jane Quaite

From the parish records of Lidlington:
Fur William, Chr 1612 8 Mar, s. Roger, Lidlington, FHL Q942.565 B4e v. 29
Fur John or William, Chr 1615 27 Jun, s. Roger, Lidlington, FHL Q942.565 B4e v. 29
Furre Roger, Chr 1617 17 Aug, s. Roger, Lidlington, FHL Q942.565 B4e v. 29
Fur Sarah, Chr 1620 7 Mar, d. Roger, Lidlington, FHL Q942.565 B4e v. 29
Fur Mary, Chr 1621 18 Mar, d. Roger, Lidlington, FHL Q942.565 B4e v. 29
Far Thomas, Chr 1626 27 Aug, s. Roger [Farr-T.], Lidlington, FHLQ942.565 B4e v. 29
Farre Wm,  Mar 1630 24 Nov, Faith Taylor, Lidlington, FHL Q942.565 B4e v. 29
Farre Elizabeth,  Chr 1631 11 Dec, d. William, Lidlington, FHL Q942.565 B4e v. 29
Farre Jn, Mar 1638 17 Jan, Ann Midleton, Lidlington, FHL Q942.565 B4e v. 29
Farre Roger, Bur 1638 5 Dec, Lidlington, FHL British Film #845460
Farr Stephen, Chr 1640 29 Dec, s. William, Lidlington, FHL Q942.565 B4e v. 29

Faith TAYLOR [Parents] [scrapbook]-5956 was christened 1 on 4 Dec 1613 in Lidlington, Bedfordshire, England, United Kingdom. She was buried 2, 3 on 29 Dec 1683 in Haynes, Bedfordshire, England, United Kingdom. Faith married 4, 5 (MRIN:154) William FARR (MRCA)-5955 on 24 Nov 1630 in Lidlington, Bedfordshire, England, United Kingdom.

They had the following children.

  F i Elizabeth (Dennet\Heward) FARRE-5957 was christened on 11 Dec 1631. She died on 2 Apr 1684.
  M ii Roger FARR-5987 was born about 1634. He was buried on 12 Mar 1712.
  M iii Thomas FARR-5928 was born about 1637. He died on 22 Jun 1687.
  M iv Stephen FARR-134 was christened on 29 Dec 1640. He died after 1692.

Stephen FARR [Parents] [scrapbook] 1-134 was christened 2, 3, 4 on 29 Dec 1640 in Lidlington, Bedfordshire, England, United Kingdom. He died after 1692 in Massachusetts, United States. Stephen married 5, 6, 7 (MRIN:155) Mary TAYLOR-135 on 25 May 1674 in Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States.

Stephen was also known as Steven Farre.

We can't find any sources to prove that Stephen Farr was a son of Thomas Farr of Lynn, MA. or Haynes, Bedford, England. It appears that Thomas Farr of Lynn was really Thomas Farrar of Lynn and Salem. Reports from both ¹Robert Charles Anderson (see report below) and Dr. Arlene Eakle, state that Thomas Farr of Lynn did not exist but Thomas Farrar did. Any reference to Thomas Farr of Lynn is really Thomas Farrer.

The ²DNA that descends from this Stephen matches the DNA that descends from Thomas Farr(b. abt 1637 Lidlington, Bedford, England) down to our English DNA participant who now lives in Belgium. This, along with other records, proves that Stephen is Thomas' brother and both are sons of William. Stephen disappears from the English records and is the only Stephen that can't be accounted for. This is the Stephen that shows up in Concord, MA., and is why he shows in the parish records as a son to William but not mentioned in William's will. The DNA results between our Farrs and our English cousin are as follows:

#14723(David Jackson Farr)-----13 23 14 10 11 12 12 12 12 14 13 30 18 9 10 11 11 24 15 19 29 15 16 17 17 11 10 19 23 17 15 17 17 36 38 12 12
#15659(Steven Timothy Farr)----13 23 14 11 11 12 12 12 12 14 13 30 18 9 10 11 11 24 15 19 29 15 16 17 17 11 10 19 23 17 15 17 17 36 38 13 12

The above results show a two-marker one-step mutation. The following two paragraphs from FamilyTreeDNA's website explain why this is not a problem:

When you compare a 12 Marker result to another 12 marker result of someone with the SAME surname, and the results match 12/12, there is a 99% probability that you two are related within the time frame included in the MRCA tables. If the match is 11/12, there's still a high probability that you are related IF the 11/12 match is within the same surname. If you compare a 25 Marker result to another 25 marker result for the SAME surname, and the results match 24/25, then there is also a 99% confidence that the two individuals are related…and at a much closer time interval than with the 12 marker test. If you compare a 37 Marker result to another 37 marker result for the SAME surname, and the results match 35/37, then there is also a 99% confidence that the two individuals are related…and at a much closer time interval than with the 12 or 25 marker test.

Our bodies work as copy machines when it comes to the Y-DNA. You can have a copy machine doing 1,000 copies without a problem, and then, the 1,001 copy may have an "o" that looks more like an "e". And when we use this copy to make additional ones, all the new ones will now have an "e" instead of an "o". This is a simple way to explain how mutations occur in our Y-DNA when it's transferred (copied) from father to son. Mutations don't happen frequently, on the contrary, very seldom, but they can happen randomly in time, which means that I could be one mutation off from my father. That is why all those matches or close matches on 12 markers will, in most cases, go away when they happen between different surnames and when we increase the number of markers that are compared with more mutations showing up. This means farther back in time to when the common ancestor lived.

I was searching the 'New England Historic Genealogical Societies' online archives and ran across the New England Friends Cemetery Inscriptions. As I began to search the different Friends cemeteries I noticed more Farrs than I expected. When I finished the search I had found 35 Farrs whom had been buried during the 19th century in Quaker cemeteries.

I then decided to do more searching for available friend records in the SLC FHL and could only find records from the late 1700's to the 1900's. I then contacted the Archivist of Friend records at the Rhode Island Historical Library by email and asked if they knew if any Quaker records existed for the mid to late 17th century and early to mid 18th century for the state of Massachusetts. A few days later I received an email from Marnie Miller-Gutsell who is the archivist over the Friend's records. She informed me that the Massachusetts Friend records where all on file at the Rhode Island Historical Library with the exception of a few western Massachusetts Friend records that are housed at a university in Pennsylvania and a few in New York.

For years Maybeth Reimann urged me to check the Quaker records for Farrs but I couldn't find the records for the years needed to check on Thomas and Stephen Farr. It didn't occur to me that the records would be in Rhode Island instead of Massachusetts. I was very surprised when Marnie wrote back and said that the records were in RI. not MA.

I sent information on Thomas Farr's alleged family and information on Stephen Farr and his children in the mail to Marnie. The following is her response back to me shortly after she received my mailing:

Marnie Miller-Gutsell, Archivist
New England Yearly Meeting Archives
Rhode Island Historical Library
121 Hope Street
Providence, RI 02906

Hi Tim--

I received your family information today, and did a preliminary search. I'm sorry to tell you that there wasn't a single Farr/Farre in the Quaker records of the Salem/Lynn/Boston area during the time period you are interested in. Those were the only active Quaker worshipping groups anywhere in that vicinity at that time. Even if there were some small worshipping groups in Stow or Billerica, two other locations you mentioned, they would still have connected with the main groups nearer the coast.

To tell the truth, when I saw that Stephen was a veteran of King Phillip's War, I wasn't really surprised not to find him. Quakers were (and often still are) pretty strict pacifists, and there are many records of their paying large fines or having property confiscated for refusing to train with the militia. Men who did train or serve could be "disowned" by their Meeting for doing so. If Stephen had become a "convinced" Friend after the war, he or his children would still have shown up in the record.

Sorry to report such disappointing news. Best of luck in finding the Farrs elsewhere.

Note: Stephen was a soldier in King Phillip's War and was present when his commander, Capt. Nathaniel Davenport was slain, April 21, 1676.

The following was taken from the NEHGR Vol. 151, Jan, p. 59, 1997 and is why we can't find vitals on some of Stephen's children:


Melinde Lutz Sanborn

Most genealogists are only too familiar with frustrations caused by records that are inadequate because of such hazards as illiteracy, court house fires, water damage, and occasional theft. Negligence was often a factor as well, as shown by the following communication from a frustrated registrar in 1686. The document was unearthed recently among Middlesex County Court Files.

Billerica decembr 15, 1686
Capt Hammond, sr I received yours, dated Novembr 6th wherein you are pleased to signify to my self, ye Honrd County Court appointing myselfe to take the account of births & deaths in our Towne, sr, I have here enclosed a list of all that I have heard in our Towne, since my last returne, with a penny a name, according to former customes, but I have not sent ye shilling over pluss, for my purpose is not to hold ye Service any longer; if I may obtaine that favour of ye Honrd Court, & therefore do intreat your self to motion it to ye Court to appoint another. I have served in ye place about twenty year and have returned many a name, & money with them, that I never got a penny for. here is six names in this returne, that none take care of to pay for, in deed ye law made is strikt enought, if p[er]sons would regard it, or that there were a way found to execute it for my owne [blot] I am weary of running after many p[er]sons, & minding them of ye law, unless [blot] would reguard what ye law is. Sr. I will only mention ye names of 3 or 4, which have bin often spoken to, as Michail Bacon, Steven Farre, John Browne has had 2 children since he came into this Towne, & has given account of none. John Hindes, was married 4 year since, often Called upon, but to no purpose, & now is removed to lankastere. So, if men may be p[er]suaded to attend ye law in these respects, I shall be willing to do any service in this kind, w[he]n called to it, but to have so much labour to looke after these things & nothing but ill will for my paines, this I am weary of Pray P[ar]rdon my boldness with yr selfe, I humbly request ye Honrd Court to appoint another in my stead
Sr, I remaine yor Humble, servt, Jonathan Danforth, Senr.

Note by Tim Farr: Stephen Farr and Michael Bacon in another Billerica town record (FHL film #901876) were warned to show at a town meeting in 1681 and they attended. Also in the records p. 247 a Job Caine was warned by the selectmen not to entertain Stephen Farr upon his farm, so as to bring him in as an inhabitant amongst us without ye consent of ye town.

I believe that Stephen was a Puritan because of the following record from the NEHGR Vol. 136, p. 45:
George Farley was active in town affairs: in March 1659/60, he served on the Grand Jury (ibid., 59); also in 1660 he was a corporal in the train band, a group formed to train and protect the town. On 14 August 1675, in a period of frequent Indian attack, his house was selected as a garrison in time of extremity. He was also on the march which took the life of his son Timothy at Brookfield, Massachusetts, 1675.

His name appears frequently in the selectmen's records. On 22 November 1674 he was chosen surveyor of highways, and 11 August 1682, he was elected a tithing man for the ensuing year with the following families under his care: John Lame, Steven Far, Nathaniel Hill, Sq. Hill, Jno Hill, Isaac Sternes, Mr. Whiting, Henry Jeffs (sic), John Sternes, Samuel Farley (his son), Widdow French (sic), Wm Chamberlain, John Chamberlain, John Shed, and Dan'l Shed, Sr. (sic). The tithing men were each responsible for ten families, supervising their moral behavior and church attendance. He is mentioned on several other occasions in various town matters.

George Farley was a Baptist, and as such his church activities are of interest. He was on the committee to build a church and provide for a minister at Billerica, 10th of 6th mo 1658 (Hazen, History of Billerica, 153), yet he was frequently at variance with the views of the church. The Puritans, who had left England to escape the restrictions of the established church, reversed positions and cast the Baptists into the role of dissident in the new colony. The principal Baptist belief was freedom of religion, and, therefore, the Puritan insistence on infant baptism was particularly offensive to them (Francis H. Russell, “A Cobbler at His Bench: John Russell of Woburn,” Register, 133 [1979]:125-133). They frequently turned their backs during baptism or walked out. Samuel Farley, son of George, was fined for eating and drinking in church, probably more an indication of his defiance than a reflection of his boorishness (Superior Court records no. 1689, 131-133).

The following is a research report by ¹Robert Charles Anderson for the ³Winslow Farr Sr. Family Org., 1996:



Attempts have been made to find Thomas or Stephen Farr in passenger lists, but the only Farr entries mentioned in the research files are Edward Farr and Barnabas Farr. Edward is listed on a 1635 ship to St. Kitt's. There is no evidence that this man ever came to New England, and examples of passengers on these ships bound for the Caribbean later coming to New England are vanishingly few. Barnabas Farr, who sailed on the James in 1635 with Rev. Richard Mather, is in all New England records Barnabas Fawer, a different surname.
Thomas and Stephen Farr do not appear in surviving passenger lists, and the prospects of finding more lists for the appropriate period are quite slim. Further research in this class of records at this time should not be conducted.

2)        THOMAS FARR

The existence of Thomas Farr depends on the existence of records which show that such a man was in New England in the middle of the seventeenth century. The next thing to do is examine each of the records supposed to apply to this man.

a)        The Holmes-Corey researchers stated that a record of Thomas Far had been found in Boston in 1645, but did not provide a citation for this record. A Thomas Farrar of Boston, husbandman, son of Thomas Farrar of Burnley, Lancashire, in 1645 gave a power of attorney to his brother Henry Farrar. if this is the record referred to by Holmes-Corey, then it has nothing to do with a supposed Thomas Farr. The Farr and Farrar names are quite distinct, although, as we shall see, they can be confused by misunderstandings of written versions of the name.

b)        In 1654 Daniel King of Lynn sold to “Thomas Farr” of Lynn several sizeable parcels of land in Lynn [Essex Deeds 1:30]. This record is certainly the basis for much of the belief in the existence of Thomas Farr, and of his possible connection with George Farr of Lynn. I believe, however, that the grantee in this deed was Thomas Farrar of Lynn, a person who certainly did exist.. The version of these deeds which we now consult is a nineteenth-century transcript, the original of which is no longer available. Many seventeenth-century scribes would write “Farr-ar” by converting the last two letters into a flourish, so it might look to a person unfamiliar with the older scripts as “Farr” with a fancy termination. It should be possible to resolve this point by examining the later land transactions of Thomas Farrar of Lynn, to see if any of the parcels purchased from Daniel King appear in his hands.

c)        Suffolk Court Files Case #24440 involves Thomas Powers and Thomas Farr-who are both of age, but the deposition is not dated. However, two of the principal players in the deposition are Ebenezer Parkhurst and his wife Mary, a couple who were not known to have married before 1695, and so the deposition must have been made no earlier than this date, and probably some years later. The deponent would therefore be the Thomas Farr born about 1688, son of Stephen Farr.

d)        The supposed Thomas Farr- is given sons John, Thomas and Jonathan, in addition to Stephen. John is said to be of Lynn, but this must be John, son of George Farr-of Lynn, as evidenced by John's probate of 1672. I find no evidence for the existence of Thomas and Jonathan Farr, supposed sons of the supposed Thomas.

On this evidence I see no reason to believe that Thomas Farr ever existed. If I have overlooked any records thought to prove the presence of a Thomas Farr in early New England, I would be glad to examine them.

3)        STEPHEN FARR

Stephen Farr first appears in New England records in 1674 when he married in Concord. Since we have eliminated Thomas Far as his possible father, we are left with little else in New England. The only earlier Farr family is that of George Farr of Lynn. From the probate records relating to George Farr and his son John, it is clear that Stephen was not a son of George. Given his marriage date and his participation in King Philip's War, Stephen cannot have been born much later than 1650; but, inasmuch as those sons of George Farr who did marry were married much later than 1650, Stephen Farr also cannot have been a grandson of George Farr.
The conclusion from all this is that Stephen Farr was born in England, of unknown parents, probably in the 1640s.


From the above arguments, we conclude that Stephen Farr came to New England as a single man, which will not make finding him in England an easy prospect. Only two lines of research suggest themselves:

a)        Since we first find Stephen Farr in Concord, he may have been related in some manner to a Concord family, or possibly came with a Concord family as a servant. All records for Stephen Farr should be examined to determine if he had any frequent associations with families in Concord.

b)        Search English records systematically for any Stephen Farr- born in England in the right time period, without any preconceptions about the names of his parents. This approach can be combined with the first suggested avenue of research, should anything suggestive appear from those efforts.

In this regard I would note that previous research has turned up one possibility that is at least worth pursuing - the Stephen Farr baptized at Lidlington, Bedfordshire, on 29 December 1640, son of William Farr. The baptismal date is a little early, but not terribly so, and many early Concord residents were from Bedfordshire. This may turn out to be a false lead, but I believe that your search for the origin of Stephen Farr will run along these lines - searching English records for a likely Stephen Farr, and then examining each candidate to see whether he can be eliminated, or whether any supporting evidence can be found.

I would be willing to make myself available to the Farr-Family Organization, at no further charge, in two specific areas. First, if I have failed to address any record which purports to prove the existence of a Thomas Farr in New England prior to the appearance of Stephen Farr, I would be glad to study it and give an opinion on its evidentiary value. Second, if some other researcher finds in England a Stephen Farr who appears to be a strong candidate for identification as the immigrant, I would be glad to examine the records and express an opinion.

5)        APPENDIX

Nearly twenty years ago I was involved in a study of early examples of familial amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease). One of the earliest cases described was that of a Farr family of Vermont. Enclosed are two articles in medical journals which describe the disease as it appeared in this branch of the Farr family, and also a few Farr vital records which I extracted from the Vermont vital records which apply to this branch of the family. ALS usually strikes a person in the fifth decade of life, and in more than eighty percent of cases leads to death within five years. Nineteenth-century medicine had not yet classified neurological degenerative diseases in the way we do now, so when one sees records in which a person is dying in his or her forties or fifties, with the cause of death listed as paralysis or palsy or some similar designation, a diagnosis of ALS or something similar may be in order. I hope this information is of some use and interest to the members of the Farr family organization..

Robert Charles Anderson
27 March 1996
¹Robert Charles Anderson is the over the New England Great Migration Project.
²Farr Surname DNA results can be found online at:
³The Winslow Farr Sr. Family organization can be contacted through their website at:

Notes about Stephen from Famous and Infamous Farr Family:
Stephen Farr was a soldier of King Philip's War, serving under Capt. Nathaniel Davenport in the Narragansett Campaign of 1675. This group of foot soldiers attacked the Narragansett Indian fort at Kingston, Rhode Island and attempted to wipe out the Narragansett Indian tribe in a battle known as “The Great Swamp Fight” The Narragansett Indians were believed to be allies with the Wampanoag Indians under King Philip's leadership who had attacked many Engliah settlements and killed a great many English settlers and their families. It was a very sad time in New England history when cultures in conflict were part of everyday life.

Double Proof: The Farr Family DNA Project
Many genealogists in the past believed Stephen Farr, who married Mary Taylor 24 May 1674 in Concord MA, had to be the son of a Farr who lived in Massachusetts or possibly Maine. Rev. Charles N. Sinnett, in his The Farr Genealogy (filmed by the Genealogical Society of UT in 1951) proposed Thomas Far of Lynn MA as the ancestor. There was a George Farr of first Boston and then of Lynn; he was also a candidate. Thomas Farr of Lynn turned out to be named Farrar with ties to Lancashire, England and George left a will naming his children and Stephen was not one of them.

The Farr Family Organization wrestled with the problem of their origins for decades. Finally in 2003, Tim Farr, a computer-savvy descendant, with the blessing and financial support of the family organization, launched a DNA Farr Surname Project. Two cousins were tapped to be tested first. They matched exactly with 12 markers, then 25 markers, and today with 37 markers. (There is now a 59 marker test!) Other male descendants were invited to participate and some asked to be included. A total of eleven descendants matched exactly.

Another male descendant, living in Belgium, contacted the family–he was born in Bedfordshire, England, where there were pockets of Farrs going back as far as the records themselves. And there was a Stephen Farr christened 1640 in Lidlington, Bedfordshire. He had already been highlighted as a good prospect for origins.

When (Belgium) Farr was tested, 35 of 37 markers matched exactly. The markers that matched indicated a probability of 99% relationship, and the 2 mutations indicated a different generation for the most recent common ancestor.

What makes the Farr DNA Surname Project unique? First, a computer database of English wills for the Farr surname was professionally created and circulated to family members on CD. Family members, with professional oversight, translated and transcribed the wills for analysis. This CD of wills was completed before the results of many of the tests were in.

Then, Tim with the aid of his sister Karen, added all the parish register entries for the Farr surname to an excel spreadsheet for comparison and careful analysis–so that every possible candidate for Stephen Farr’s parents and siblings could be identified and accounted for. These were added to the CD. At present more than 25,000 Farrs from records all over England are on this CD available from the family organization (see contact information below).

As the test results were coming in, each and every key lineage was also proven and documented with a clear paper trail–linking each generation from the dna match all the way back, son to father to grandfather and so on.

Stay tuned for the next episode, 21 August, 2006: I will show you why it is essential to check all the places where the ancestors resided for evidence. Some ancestors provided information beyond our wildest thoughts.

What makes a project like this possible?

1. The International Genealogical Index compiled by the LDS Church principally from parish registers. Bedfordshire was microfilmed early and all parishes are included in the database. Where there is a question of reading or interpretation, original registers are available on microfilm to check. The project had a few entries to be checked against the originals.

2. Computer software to speed the collection of data into spreadsheets: where the IGI batches are arranged alphabetically by location; and LDS Companion 2.12 from Archer Software. These remarkable tools enable you to convert parish register entries for your surname of interest in to comparable charts for analysis.

3. Dedicated, computer-savvy, personnel willing to spend the hundreds of hours needed. Few organizations can afford to use professionals for such a study. This massive effort includes the volunteers who in-put the data in the IGI, the dedicated genealogists who created the index utility for the batch numbers, who ensured that freepages at rootsweb survived as a free site, and others who were unpaid participants willing to donate their time and energy to achieve success. And we all are indebted to the LDS Church whose foresight and financial resources have acquired the record sources on microfilm in sufficient quantity and completeness to ensure success.

4. Male descendants willing to have the DNA testing done through a reputable and careful lab. The Farr Project was powered by Family Tree DNA of Houston TX Other labs are available, descriptions can be found on the internet. Down-line research may be necessary to locate living male descendants. And only male descendants carry the Y-Chromosome dna (in spite of claims made on the internet). Each and every male carries a copy of the dna of his male ancestors. “There is no need to dig up dead bodies” for tests, Tim says.

Add to your summer reading:
Stephen Farr of Concord < Massachusetts b. 1640: His Family, Descendants, and Probable English Origins (A DNA Study) written by Timothy M. Farr, 2006. Available for $34.00 from Winslow Farr, S., Family Organization, 26561 Campesino, Mission Viejo CA 92691. CD also available, $5.00.

Mary TAYLOR [Parents] 1-135 was born 2 on 19 Feb 1649/1650 in Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States. She died in 1699. Mary married 3, 4, 5 (MRIN:155) Stephen FARR-134 on 25 May 1674 in Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States.

Refered to as daughter ffarr in her father's will. Marriage to Stephen found in Concord Reg. marriages of Middlesex County reference # US/CAN 974.44/C4 v2c p. 17

Marriage Notes:

MARRIAGE: Original hand written record of Stephan ffarre mar. to Mary Tailor in Concord, Mass. FHL film #0964880.

They had the following children.

  M i
Ebenezer FARR-136 was born 1, 2 on 10 Nov 1676 in Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States.

The death date of Ebenezer is unknown. Some people have published it as 14 Jan 1723/4 with no proof. This would be the death date of of Ebenezer's brother John.

The following is taken from the Rev. Sinnett's "The Farr Genealogy":
Many have tried to find his name as that of a Grandfather, or Ancestor. But no such clue has been discovered. The following explanation is given by the scholarly Anson Titus, "The naming of a first child is a point of interest which we think will do away with the idea that Ebenezer is an ancestral name. The father had seen several months of service in the defense of the homes of the colonists from the Indians, King Phillip and his followers. He was in the company of Capt. Nathaniel Davenport when that leader was slain at Sudbury, Mass., Apr 21, 1676. For a year before that the people were in fear and trembling because of the savages. The devastation of many towns, the murder of some of the best men, the brutal treatment of the women, and the captivity of the children, made the Puritans desperate. In Aug. 1676 King Phillip was driven to a swamp near his home at Mount Hope, near Bristol, R.I., and hunted to death. This gave rejoicing, as it was practically the end of the War. Stephen Farr, and other soldiers returned to Thanksgiving, and there was great rejoicing in New England and Old England. In the midst of this time of great joy Nov 10, 1676, a son was born to Stephen Farr. Believing in 1st Samuel Chapter 7th, verse 13th, he and his Godly wife, named this son Ebenezer, 'Hitherto hath the Lord helped us.' We must always take careful note of the intensity of religion in those days."
  M ii Stephen FARR Jr.-137 was born on 11 Apr 1679.
  M iii John FARR-138 was born about 1681. He died on 14 Jan 1723/1724.
  M iv Samuel FARR-139 was born about 1684/1685. He died on 7 Jun 1754.
  F v Mary FARR-140 was born on 4 May 1686. She died on 23 Jun 1748.
  M vi Thomas FARR Sr.-141 was born about 1688. He died before 8 Jul 1783.
  M vii Jonathan FARR-142 was born about 1690. He died on 14 Jan 1721.

William TAYLOR [scrapbook] 1-540 was born in PROB 20 AUG 1621 in Toddington, Bedfordshire, England, United Kingdom. He died 2 on 6 Dec 1696 in Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States. William married 3 (MRIN:156) Mary MERRIAM-220 in BY 1650 in Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States.

William was of Concord Mass , Where he was owner of a large farm on the east Bedford Road. William's father may be Richard of Toddington/Harlington, Bedfordshire.

George Merriam had a daughter Mary but she died in 1646. Joseph Merriam, son of Joseph Merriam, had a daughter named Mary b.1664 that married Isaac Stearns.

The following is a research report by Andrew Pierce:  On to the Middlesex County MA problems. Ruth H. Bubul's recent George Hayward: A Line From Concord, Massachusetts, 1635  states that William Taylor (born ca.1618) married by 1649 (when he was a proprietor in Concord), Mary Meriam, daughter of Joseph & Sarah (Goldstone) Merriam. After her death, in 1677 he married (2)Hannah Merriam, a cousin of his first wife. The Merriam family is also sketched, with sources such as Lemuel Shattuck's notes, and there seems no reason to doubt that Mary Merriam was not William Taylor's wife. I do not see in your notes the source which supposedly identifies Mary was a Coltham, daughter of William Coltham of Wethersfield CT, but the latter place is quite far from Concord MA, where William Taylor lived.

The IGI (apparently based on vital records) gives the marriage date of William Taylor to Mary Merriam as 19 October 1650, which seems to clash with the birth of their oldest daughter Mary on 12 September 1649/50; but since transcriptions of calendar dates of that period sometimes don't take into account the 'double years' given between fall and spring, it would be worth another look at the VRs for Concord. Also, the new publication of Middlesex County probate records (to 1660) might be checked, as well as Middlesex County deeds through 1700 to see if William & Mary Taylor, or their children, deeded out land in her right; and a probate for Mary's presumed mother Sarah (Goldstone) Merriam, who married (2)Joseph Wheeler of Concord and died there in 1671, to see if she mentioned Mary or her children. Wheeler's probate might be checked too, since he may have remembered stepdaughter Mary or her children.

Will of William Taylor US/CAN film #421536 file #22257:
I, William Taylor, of ye town of Concord in ye county of Middlesex in New England, being in perfect memory priviledged be God to make this my last will in manor & form following.  My soul I commit into the hands of my most merciful God in  Christ Jesus believing the ressurection of my body at ye last and great day of ye great and xxx xxx xxx and my body to descent burial for my temporal estate as followeth.  I give to my eldest son John Taylor my fourteen acres of land called Sprouters Lot and my sons Isaac Taylor and Joseph Taylor and my daughter ffarr have all of them received their portion from me already. As for my state now remaining mine and not given by deed of gift to my above said sons.  I will and give to my true and beloved wife all my movable estate one and others of all xxx and kinds and to her disposal at her death.  And to sell and make xxx of for ye comfort of her life.  Also all my lands and mansion dwelling house and all ye engagements and xxx in my deeds of gifts to my sons I will that they be truly performed to their mother my loving and beloved wife and all my land now in my hands not given as above said I will and give to my wife for her to make use of as her need and comfort of life requireth.  And what land is left at my wife's death.  I give to my two sons Abraham Taylor and Jacob Taylor also I make my loving wife the executrix of this my last will all former and other wills void and anulled.  In witness that this is my last will and testament.  I, William Taylor ye ageed set to my hand and seal this twentieth day of ffebuary in the year one thousand six hundred ninety and two and three in ye four year of ye reign of William and Mary xxxx  Signed and sealed in presence of xxx Samuel xxx, Susannah Sprouthford??? Marke of William Taylor

Inventory of estate was approved by R. Fox, John Merriam, Samuel Howe.

DEATH: Will inventory witnessed by John Merriam.

Mary MERRIAM [Parents] [scrapbook]-220 was born in 1625 in Hadlow, Kent, England, United Kingdom. She died 1, 2 on 10 Dec 1699 in Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States. Mary married 3 (MRIN:156) William TAYLOR-540 in BY 1650 in Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States.

They had the following children.

  F i Mary TAYLOR-135 was born on 19 Feb 1649/1650. She died in 1699.
  M ii John TAYLOR-541 was born on 19 Oct 1653. He died on 20 Nov 1719.
  M iii
Samuel TAYLOR 1-542 was born 2 on 3 Jul 1655 in Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States. He died 3 on 16 Jul 1655 in Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States.

Birth from US/CAN film #1420474
  M iv Abraham TAYLOR-543 was born on 14 Nov 1656. He died on 19 Jun 1729.
  M v Isaac TAYLOR-544 was born on 5 Mar 1659.
  M vi Jacob TAYLOR-545 was born on 8 May 1662.
  M vii Joseph TAYLOR-546 was born on 7 Apr 1665. He died on 20 Sep 1709.

Stephen FARR Jr. [Parents] [scrapbook] 1-137 was born 2, 3 on 11 Apr 1679 in Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States. Stephen married 4, 5 (MRIN:157) Sarah STONE-1707 on 28 Sep 1707 in Groton, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States.

Source: FHL film #0815617
Comments:  Shows both John and Stephen together in a town meeting at Stow in 1700.

Middlesex Deeds
Vol. 41, p. 325
FHL Film US/CAN #0554024
Stephen Farr to Stephen Farr, Jr, of Stow, Mass., 200 pounds; land in Stow and Acton Mass., of 100 acres. One parcel consists of part of a house and lot (the line passes through middle of the chimney) in this John Davis' land is mentioned; also land of Samuel Farr and Jonathan Farr. Another parcel which belonged to Stephen Farr Senior on the westerly side of the road leading from Stow to Jonathan Farr's. Dec 25th, 1735
Stephen Farr/Sarah Farr
Witnesses, Joseph Farr Jr., Jacob Hooker, Wm Farr.

BIRTH: April was used instead of Feb. because the year started in Mar. in the pre 1750 records so 11, 2, 1679 would be 11 Apr 1679

Sarah STONE-1707 was born 1 about 1684 in Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States. She died in 1741 in Stow, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States. Sarah married 2, 3 (MRIN:157) Stephen FARR Jr.-137 on 28 Sep 1707 in Groton, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States.

Sarah descends from George Farr of Lynn, Essex, MA through his daughter Mary Farr Farnsworth and then through Mary's daughter Sarah Farnsworth Stone.

They had the following children.

  M i Stephen FARR-6023 was born about 1710. He died after 1766.
  F ii Jemimah FARR-6051 was born on 29 Nov 1713. She died on 18 Nov 1739.
  M iii Joseph FARR-6052 was born on 11 Apr 1718. He died on 24 Feb 1796.
  F iv
Susannah FARR-6053 was born 1, 2, 3, 4 on 6 Sep 1724 in Stow, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States.

John FARR [Parents] [scrapbook] 1-138 was born about 1681 in Stow, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States. He died 2 on 14 Jan 1723/1724 in Littleton, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States. John married 3, 4 (MRIN:158) Hannah APPLIN-1708 on 11 May 1703 in Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States.

John is mentioned in his brother Samuel's will. Because Samuel was confirmed by DNA testing, John is now confirmed by the will. If you read the Melinde Sanborn article under Stephen Farr, you can see why most of his children are not found in the vital records.

Mention of John is found in the Rev. Charles N. Sinnett's book "The Farr Genealogy" Film #0015506 p. 11, 48.

Film #385981 Middlesex MA Probate Docket FA - HA
Shows index of John Farr's probate of Littleton No.7274. This is the John married to Hannah Applin.

Film #0397054 Middlesex Probate Pages #7274
Shows original probate of John Farr Husband of Hannah Applin. Relations listed are: Hannah Applin (wife), John Farr (eldest son), Hannah Hayes (daughter, Husband James Hayes), Mehetable Adams or Davis (daughter), Mary Dodge (daughter), Bethshua Anderson (daughter), Abia _____, Rachel Cavy(daughter), Prudence Farr(daughter). I couldn't read the last name of Abia.

Film #0928676 Haseltine Papers, Watertown Marriages Book 2 1695-1737 John Farr from Stow MA & Hannah Applin from Watertown  MA m./May 11, 1703

Film #1321409, item 13, page 156: gravestone inscription of John Farr

FHL film #1321409, item 13, page 37: John and Thomas Farr as land owners in Littleton.

DEATH: Deaths from Grave Stones in the Old Burying Ground at Littleton Common. Inscription:
Here lyes ye Body
of Mr. John Farr
who Dec'd Jan.
ye 14th 1724 in ye
43d year of his age.

Hannah APPLIN [scrapbook]-1708 was born 1 on 25 Mar 1680 in Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States. Hannah married 2, 3 (MRIN:158) John FARR-138 on 11 May 1703 in Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States.

They had the following children.

  F i Mary FARR-7276 was born about 1705.
  M ii John FARR Jr.-7284 was born about 1710. He died on 24 Oct 1763.
  F iii Bathshua FARR-7278 was born on 13 May 1712. She died on 4 Jul 1757.
  F iv Hannah FARR-7277 was born about 1713.
  F v Abigail "Abiah" FARR-7279 was born on 25 Jul 1714. She died on 9 Aug 1772.
  F vi Rachel FARR-7280 was born on 28 Aug 1715.
  F vii Mehitable FARR-7281 was born on 28 Feb 1716/1717. She died on 6 Nov 1788.
  F viii
Prudence FARR 1-7282 was born 2, 3 on 24 Mar 1718/1719 in Littleton, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States.

BIRTH: 1719 Farr Prudance Daughter of John and Hanah Farr born march the 24.1719. Earliest records of births and deaths, recorded in the first book of town-meeting records begun 1715/16.
  M ix
Isaac FARR-7283 was born 1, 2 on 1 Oct 1721 in Littleton, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States. He died before 14 Jan 1723/1724 in Littleton, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States.

Not mentioned in his father's will so he must have died before 14 Jan 1723/4.

BIRTH: 1721 Farr Isaac Son of John and Hanah Farr born October the: 1: 1721. Earliest records of births and deaths, recorded in the first book of town-meeting records begun 1715/16.

Samuel FARR [Parents] [scrapbook] 1-139 was born about 1684/1685 in of Stow, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States. He died 2, 3, 4 on 7 Jun 1754 in Stow, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States. Samuel married (MRIN:159) Hannah WHITNEY-1709 about 1713 in Stow, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States.

Samuel had a will 5 on 4 Feb 1754 in Stow, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States.

The best proof we have that ²Samuel was a son of ¹Stephen is the DNA results between participants #51092 (Douglas Wayne Farr), #26155 (James Russell Farr), #33301 ( whom descend from ²Samuel Farr, #36078 (Donald Richard farr), and participant #15338 (Donald Eugene Farr) who descends from ²Stephen Farr Jr. (proven son of Stephen Farr) The DNA results are as follows:

#15338----13 23 14 10 11 12 12 12 12 14 13 30 18 9 10 11 11 24 15 19 29 15 16 17 17
#33301----13 23 14 10 11 12 12 12 12 14 13 30 18 9 10 11 11 24 15 19 29 15 16 17 17
#36078----13 23 14 10 11 12 12 12 12 14 13 30 18 9 10 11 11 24 15 19 29 15 16 17 17
#51092----13 23 14 10 11 12 12 12 12 14 13 30
#26155----13 23 14 10 11 12 12 12 12 14 13 30

All five have an exact match. Samuel Farr is a brother of Stephen Farr Jr. and we know that Stephen Jr. is a son of Stephen Farr and Mary Taylor from the Concord vitals. Full results of the Farr DNA Project with FamilyTreeDNA, can be viewed at: If you read the Melinde Sanborn article under Stephen Farr, you can see why most of his children are not found in the vital records.

Mention of Samuel is found in the Rev. Charles N. Sinnett's book "The Farr Genealogy" Film #0015506 pp. 11, 68-69 Died June 7th 1754 and lived at Stow, Mass., and married Hannah Whitney

Will dated Feb. 4, 1754
probated July 8, 1754
Stow, Middlesex, Mass.
Probates, vol. xxvii p. 149

In the Name of God Amen. I Samuel Farr of Stow in the county of Middlesex in the Provivence of the Massachusetts Bay in New England yeoman, being considerably advanced in age but of sound and disposing mind, Do Constitute and Appoint this to be my soul Will & Testament this fourth day of February Anno Domi one thousand seven hundred fifty four. Principally & first of all I give my soul into the hands of God that gave it & my body to the Earth to be buried in Decent Christian Burial out of my Estate, & as touching the worldly Estate that I am Blessed with I give & dispose of as follows:
I give to my wife Hannah the use of my moveable Estate and the use of that part of my Real Estate that is not given away by this will during her life. Item: I give to my eldest son Samuel Farr that part of my messauge  that I have set to him of meets & bounds. Item: I give to my son Daniel Farr about an acre of orcharding that was set to him by meets & bounds being part of the orchard that I purchased of my brother John Farr also all that part of my living that I gave to my son Jonathan by word of mouth, my said son Daniel having paid him the full Value thereof, this I give to my son Daniel beside the deed I gave to Samuel Haywood & Jeremiah Ward at his desire and advantage. Item: I give to my son Jonathan Farr four acres of swamp that lyeth in or near the Great Swamp in said Stow besides what he diposed of and received the profit of from my son Daniel above said. Item: I give to my youngest son Abraham Farr one full half of my messuage & buildings at home, as also the other half of it after my wife's decease & the decease or marriage of my daughter Lydia Farr in case he shal look after them & give them a proper maintenance out of it & them & me Decent Christian burial out of it. Item” I give to my said daughter Lydia her maintenance as above said during life if she shal remain a single woman but if she should happen to marry four pounds lawful money & she shal quit her title to the maintenance abovesaid  this beside her bed & the furniture of it.  Item: I give to my three married daughters what I gave them viz. Hannah Farr, Elizabeth Whitney, & Hepsibah Thomas each of them one pound six schillings & eight pence lawful money apiece for each of them & all my household goods to be equally divided among them after my said wife has done with them, but if my said wife shal continue my widow during her life she shal enjoy my moveable estate during said term. But if she should happen to marry, my said son after marrige shal befree from his obligation with regard to her maintenance & enjoy my estate as if he had maintained her for life & she shal have liberty to take a bed & furniture with her. Further I give a piece of land that I bought of Butterwick to my three sons Samuel, Daniel & Abraham Farr, & constitute & appoint my said son Abraham Farr soul executor of this my last will and testament & revoking all other wills by be at any time made. I ratifie and confirm this & no other to be my last will & testament the day & year above written.
Memorandum: The ten acres near the clay pitts adjoining to my said son Samuel, I call my messuage at home & accordingly give it to my said son Abraham.
Signed, Sealed, Published, Pronounced & Declared by the said Samuel Farr as his last Will & Testament in the presence of us the Subscribers:
John Gardner
Elizabeth Gardner
Susannah Gardner

WILL: Mentions his brother John Farr in his will. Because Samuel was confirmed in Stephen Farr's family by DNA testing, John is now confirned through the will.

Hannah WHITNEY 1, 2-1709 was born about 1692 in of Stow, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States. Hannah married (MRIN:159) Samuel FARR-139 about 1713 in Stow, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States.

The will of Richard Whitney of Stow, yeoman, aged; eldest son Richard Whitney; second son Jonathan Whitney; youngest son Joshua Whitney; eldest daughter Hannah Farr; daughter Elisabeth Wetherbee; daughter Sarah Whitney; daughter Ruhamah Whitney; youngest daughter Hephzibeth Whitney; my eight children; sons Richard and Jonathan Whitney, executors; witnesses John Gardner, Jr., Moses Whetney, Jr., and Mary Whitcomb; dated 2 Dec 1723. (docket #24735, will in vol. 17, pp. 44-45)

They had the following children.

  F i
Lydia FARR-6084 was born 1, 2, 3 on 29 Mar 1714 in Stow, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States.

Mentioned in father's will.
  M ii Samuel FARR 1st-6083 was born in Jul 1716.
  M iii Daniel FARR-6233 was born about 1717. He died on 23 May 1774.
  M iv Jonathan FARR 1st-6038 was born on 24 Feb 1722/1723. He died after 7 Jan 1766.
  F v Elizabeth FARR-6085 was born on 25 Nov 1725. She died on 24 Apr 1754.
  F vi Hepzibah FARR-11978 was born on 3 Jun 1727. She died on 22 Jan 1815.
  M vii Abraham FARR-6086 was born on 1 Oct 1730. He died on 18 Jan 1810.
  F viii Hannah FARR-1902 was born about 1720.

Samuel COREY-6567 was born 1 on 20 Sep 1691 in Chelmsford, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States. Samuel married (MRIN:160) Mary FARR-140 about 1712 in of Stow, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States.

Mary FARR [Parents] [scrapbook]-140 was born 1 on 4 May 1686 in Billerica, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States. She died 2 on 23 Jun 1748 in Littleton, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States. Mary married (MRIN:160) Samuel COREY-6567 about 1712 in of Stow, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States.

The IGI and many other sources, incorrectly have this Mary Farr as the wife of Jacob Hooker. Sinnett in his book, "The Farr Genealogy", uses a Middlesex County, Massachusetts's land deed, dated 1766, incorrectly to support her as the wife of Jacob Hooker. Using the dates from the land deeds, this Stephen Farr would have to be about 125 years old. However, there could be a Jacob Hooker from an earlier time that could be confusing the matter.

Mary, that married Jacob Hooker, would be the daughter of Stephen Farr b. abt 1710 and Sarah Bennett b. 1708/9.

Mary Farr probably married abt 1712, Samuel Corey b. 20 Sep 1691 Chelmsford, Middlesex, Massachusetts. They had the following children:  Samuel b. 25 Feb 1714/15, Samuel b. 30 Aug 1717, Mary b. 2 Apr 1720, Stephen b. 25 Mar 1723, Elizabeth b. 13 Feb 1725, and Oliver b. 21 Aug 1729.

Samuel Corey was appointed guardian of John Farr's children in 1724.

Record of Mary being a child in this family found in Concord Reg. births, marriages and deaths of Middlesex County reference # US/CAN 974.44/C4 v2c.

Mary's Headstone Inscription:
Mary Corey the wife of Left Samuel Corey Desest the 28th day of June 1748 aged aboute 62 years

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