Ancestors of Tim Farr and Descendants of Stephen Farr Sr. of Concord, Massachusetts and Lidlington, Bedfordshire, England

Symon ADAMS 1 died after 13 Jul 1643. He was buried before 3 Jul 1645. Symon married Dorothy WALKER before 1605.

Other marriages:

Dorothy WALKER [Parents] 1 was christened 2 in 1573 in Baldock, Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom. She was buried on 6 Mar 1605/1606 in London, Middlesex, England, United Kingdom. Dorothy married Symon ADAMS before 1605.

Other marriages:
GRAVE, Edward

Louis de BRIENNE Knight [Parents] 1. Louis married 2 Agnes de BEAUMONT on 12 Feb 1253.

LOUIS DE BRIENNE, Knt., in right of his wife, Vicomte of Beaumont in Maine, seigneur of Beaumont-le­Vicomte (alias Beaumont-sur-Sarthe), Sainte-Suzanne, la Flèche, Fresnay, le Lude, etc., younger son by his father's 3rd marriage. He married 12 Feb. 1253 AGNES DE BEAUMONT, daughter of Raoul VI de Beaumont, Vicomte of Beaumont, seigneur of Sainte-Suzanne, la Flèche, Fresnay, and le Lude, by his 2nd wife, Agnes. They had four sons, John IlVicomte of Beaumont], Henry, Knt. jLlst Lord Beaumont, Earl of Buchan], Louis (clerk) [Bishop of Durham], and Charles (clerk), and four daughters. Marguerite (wife of Bohemund VII, Prince of Antioch and Count of Tripolis), Marie (wife of Henri III d'Avaugour, baron of Mayenne), Isabel (wife of John de Vescy), and Jeanne (wife of Guy VII de Laval, Knt., Count of Caserta). Agnes was heiress in 1242 to her brother, Richard de Beaumont, Vicomte of Beaumont. In 1246 Agnes and her 1st cousin, Margaret de Tony, widow of Malcolm, 6~ Earl of Fife, wrote to Pope Innocent III regarding the deplorable condition of Perray-Neuf Abbey. In 1253 Louis and Agnes allowed the nuns of Vivoin to expand the court of their monastery. In 1255 he was present at the court of Alfonso X, King of Castile. SIR LOUIS DE BRIENNE, Vicomte of Beaumont, died after 1 Sept. 1297. His widow, Agnes, conveyed the barony of Crail in Fifeshire in Scotland to her daughter, Isabel de Vescy, in 1297. She died 28 Nov. (after 1304). They were both buried at Etival.

Agnes de BEAUMONT [Parents] 1. Agnes married 2 Louis de BRIENNE Knight on 12 Feb 1253.

They had the following children.

  M i Henry de BEAUMONT Knight died on 10 Mar 1339/1340.

Jean de BRIENNE Count of Brienne [Parents] 1 died on 21 Mar 1237. Jean married Berengere of CASTILE AND LEÓN 2.

Berengere of CASTILE AND LEÓN [Parents] 1 was born in 1198/1199. She died on 12 Apr 1237. Berengere married Jean de BRIENNE Count of Brienne 2.

They had the following children.

  M i Louis de BRIENNE Knight.

Raoul De BEAUMONT [Parents] was born 1 about 1175. He died 2 on 13 Apr 1238. Raoul married Agnes.

Agnes was born 1 about 1190. She died 2 before 30 Aug 1218. Agnes married Raoul De BEAUMONT.

They had the following children.

  F i Agnes de BEAUMONT.

Erad II BRIENNE Count of Brienne was born 1 about 1140. He died 2 on 8 Feb 1191. Erad married 3 Agnes De MONTFAUCON before 1166.

Agnes De MONTFAUCON was born 1 about 1145. She died 2 about 23 Oct 1201. Agnes married 3 Erad II BRIENNE Count of Brienne before 1166.

They had the following children.

  M i Jean de BRIENNE Count of Brienne died on 21 Mar 1237.

John Fitz ROGER [Parents] 1 was born in 1335. He died in 1385. John married 2 Alice 3 before 26 Apr 1369.

JOHN FITZ ROGER, of Chewton, Somerset, West Kington, Wilts, and Mapperton, Dorset, 3rd son, born 1345- 52. He married before 26 April 1369 ALICE _____. They had one daughter, Elizabeth. JOHN FITZ ROGER died 1370-72. His widow, Alice, married (2nd) (as his 2nd wife) Edmund de Clyvedon, Knt., of Clyvedon, Somerset (died 16 Jan. 1375/6), (3rd) (as his 2nd wife) before 18 Nov. 1383 Ralph Carminow, Knt. (died 9 Oct. 1386 or after Jan. 1387), (4th) (as his 2nd wife) before 27 Jan. 1389 John Rodeney, Knt. (died 19 Dec. 1400), and (5th) (as his 2nd wife) before 6 June 1402 William Bonville, Knt., of Shute, Devon (died 11 Feb.1408). Alice died 27 March 1426.

Alice 1 died 2 on 27 Mar 1426. Alice married 3 John Fitz ROGER 4 before 26 Apr 1369.

They had the following children.

  F i Elizabeth Fitz ROGER was born on 15 Aug 1370. She died on 15 Apr 1414.

Henry Fitz ROGER 1 was born on 30 Nov 1318 in Curry Rivell, Somerset, England, United Kingdom. He died 2 in 29 JAN 1352 OR 18 FEB 1352 in Chewton Mendip, Somerset, England, United Kingdom. Henry married 3 Elizabeth de HOLAND 4 before 23 May 1340 in of Curry Rivell, Somerset, England, United Kingdom.

Elizabeth de HOLAND [Parents] 1 was born about 1322 in of Curry Rivell, Somerset, England, United Kingdom. She died 2 on 13 Jul 1387 in Chewton Mendip, Somerset, England, United Kingdom. Elizabeth married 3 Henry Fitz ROGER 4 before 23 May 1340 in of Curry Rivell, Somerset, England, United Kingdom.

They had the following children.

  M i John Fitz ROGER was born in 1335. He died in 1385.

Robert de HOLAND 1 was born in 1288. He died in Oct 1328. Robert married Maud la ZOUCHE 2 in 1313.

Maud la ZOUCHE [Parents] 1 was born in 1292. She died in 1349. Maud married Robert de HOLAND 2 in 1313.

They had the following children.

  M i Robert de HOLAND Knight.
  F ii Elizabeth de HOLAND was born about 1322. She died on 13 Jul 1387.

John De MOWBRAY Knight [Parents] 1, 2 was born 3 in 4 SEP 1286 OR 21 NOV 1286. He died 4 on 23 Mar 1321 in Friars Preachers, York, Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom. John married 5 Aline de BREWES after 29 Nov 1297 in Swansea, Glamorgan, Wales, United Kingdom.

JOHN DE MOWBRAY, Knt., 2nd Lord Mowbray, Baron of Axholme, Linco]nshire, Baron of Thirsk, Yorkshire, Keeper of the City of York and of the whole county, Warden of the Marches towards Carlisle, Captain and Keeper of Newcastle-upon-Tyne and the county of Northumberland, Keeper of Scarborough and Malton Castles, Sheriff of York, son and heir, born 4 Sept. (or 21 Nov.) 1286. He married at Swansea, Glamorgan shortly after 29 Nov. 1297 ALINE DE BREWES (or BREUSE), daughter and co-heiress of William de Brewes, Knt., 2nd Lord Brewes, Baron of Bramber, Sussex, lord of Gower in Wales. She was born about 1289 (aged about 8 at her marriage). They had one son, John, Knt. {3rd Lord Mowbray]. He was knighted on the occasion of the knighting of Prince Edward 22 May 1306. He was summoned to Parliament from 26 August 1307 to 15 May 1321. He obtained a grant of markets and fairs at Burton in Lonsdale and Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire in 1307. He was summoned 18 Jan. 1307/8 to attend the King's Coronation on 25 Feb. He was regularly summoned for service against the Scots from 1308 to 1319. In 1316, in conjunction with his wife, he was granted a market at Bramber, Sussex. His father-in-law, William de Brewes, made a conveyance to him of his baronies of Bramber and Gower in 1318/20. On the ground that he had entered without the King's license, in 1320 Hugh le Despenser the younger prevailed on the king to dispossess Mowbray. This proceeding led to a confederation of the Lords Marcher, headed by the Earl of Hereford, the Mortimers and Mowbray against the Despensers. In Jan. 1321/2 he took part in besieging the King's castle of Tickbill, whereupon orders were issued for the seizure of his lands and his arrest. SIR JOHN DE MOWBRAY, 2nd Lord Mowbray, was taken prisoner at the Battle of Boroughbridge 16 March 1321/2. He was taken to York and hanged 23 March 1321 /2, and his estates were forfeited. He was buried in the Friars Preachers at York. His wife, Aline, and son, John, were imprisoned in the Tower 26 Feb. 1321/2. In 1323 Aline was granted into the custody of her husband's enemy, Hugh le Despenser, who forced her in 1324 to grant him the reversion of the manor and castle of Bramber and other estates held for his life by her father, William de Brewes. After the fall of the Despensers and the accession of King Edward III, she recovered her inheritance in 1327. She married (2nd) before 22 Oct. 1329 RICHARD DE PESHALE, Knt. (living Nov. 1342), Sheriff of cos. Salop and Stafford. In 1329 and again in 1331, Sir Richard Peshale complained that his step-son, John de Mowbray, had broken his manor of Haynes, co. Bedford and carried away oxen and cattle, besides mowing his crops and fishing his streams. She died shortly before 20 July 1331.

Aline de BREWES was born 1 in 1289. She died 2, 3 before 20 Jul 1331. Aline married 4 John De MOWBRAY Knight 5, 6 after 29 Nov 1297 in Swansea, Glamorgan, Wales, United Kingdom.

They had the following children.

  M i John MOWBRAY Knight was born on 29 Nov 1310. He died on 4 Oct 1361.

Sir Roger De MOWBRAY Knight, Baron of Thirsk [Parents] 1 was born 2 about 1220. He died 3 before 18 Oct 1263. Roger married 4 Maud de BEAUCHAMP 5 before 1257.

MAUD DE BEAUCHAMP, eldest daughter. She married (1st) (as his 2nd wife) before 1257 ROGER DE MOWBRAY, Knt., Baron of Thirsk, Yorkshire, younger son of William de Mowbray, Baron of Thirsk, Yorkshire, by his wife, Avice. He was born about 1220 (came of age in 1241), and was heir in 1230 to his older brother, Nele (or Nigel) de Mowbray. They had one son, Roger, Krnt. [itt Lord Mowbray). He married (1st) after 13 April 1238 (date of grant of marriage) _____ DE FURNIVAL, eldest daughter of Thomas de Furnival, of Worksop, Nottinghamshire, and Sheffield, Yorkshire, by Bertha, daughter of William de Ferrers, Earl of Chester, by which marriage he had two daughters, Joan (wife of Robert de Mohaut), and Elizabeth (or Isabel) (wife of Adam de Newmarch). He had the grant of a market and fair at Hovingham, Yorkshire in 1252. He was summoned for service in Scotland in 1258, and for service against the Welsh in 1260. He appears to have sided with King Henry III in the earlier days of the opposition of the Barons. SIR ROGER DE MOWBRAY died shortly before 18 Oct. 1263 and was buried at Black Friars, Pontefract. His widow, Maud, was co-heiress c.1266-7, to her niece, Joan, daughter of Simon de Beauchamp, Knt., by which she inherited a one-third share of the barony of Bedford, co. Beauchamp. She had restitution of Bedford Castle in 1267. She married (2nd) (as his itt wife) before 15 July 1270 (date of bond) Roger le Strange, of Ellesmere, Shropshire, steward of the Household, Justice of the Forest south of Trent, bailiff of the honour of Pec, Derbyshire, Sheriff of Yorkshire, Constable of Chartley, Oswestry, and Welshpool Castles, younger son of John le Strange, of Knockin, Shropshire, by Lucy, daughter of Robert de Tregoz. They had issue. She died shortly before 4 April 1273 and was buried with her 1st husband. He married (2nd) Maud _____. In 1288 he was commander of an expedition against Rhys ap Maredudd. He was King's messenger at the Court of Rome in 1291-2. He was summoned to Parliament from 24 June 1295 till 26 August 1296 by writs directed Rogero Extraneo, whereby he is held to have become Lord Strange. He signed the Barons' letter to Pope Boniface in 1301 as “Dominus de Ellesmere.” Roger le Strange, Lord Strange, died 31 July 1311.

Maud de BEAUCHAMP [Parents] 1. Maud married 2 Sir Roger De MOWBRAY Knight, Baron of Thirsk before 1257.

They had the following children.

  M i Roger De MOWBRAY Knight was born in 1257. He died before 21 Nov 1297.

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