Ancestors of Tim Farr and Descendants of Stephen Farr Sr. of Concord, Massachusetts and Lidlington, Bedfordshire, England

Thomas I Count of SAVOY [scrapbook] 1 was born on 20 Mar 1177 in Carbonierres, Savoy, France. He died on 20 Jan 1233 in Aoste, Isere, France. Thomas married Beatrix (Marguerite) de GENEVA & FAUCIGNY 2 in May 1195.

Beatrix (Marguerite) de GENEVA & FAUCIGNY 1 was born about 1180 in of, Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland. She died on 8 Apr 1257 in Pierre-Chatel, Isere, France. Beatrix married Thomas I Count of SAVOY 2 in May 1195.

They had the following children.

  F i Bbeatrice de SAVOIE was born about 1201. She died in Dec 1266.
  M ii
Amadeo IV Count of SAVOY CHABLAIS AOSTA [scrapbook] 1 was born in 1197 in Savoie, France. He died on 13 Jul 1253.

Alfonso II Raimundez King of ARAGON AND PAMPLONA [Parents] [scrapbook] 1 was born on 4 Apr 1152 in Villa Mayer de Valles, Aragon, Spain. He died 2 on 25 Apr 1195 in Perpignan, Pyrennes-Orientales, France. Alfonso married 3 Sancha de CASTILE Princess of Castile 4 on 18 Jan 1174 in Zaragosa, Spain.

Sancha de CASTILE Princess of Castile 1 was born on 21 Sep 1154. She died 2 on 9 Nov 1208 in Sijena, Spain. She was buried in Monastery of Nuestra Senor, Sijena, Spain. Sancha married 3 Alfonso II Raimundez King of ARAGON AND PAMPLONA 4 on 18 Jan 1174 in Zaragosa, Spain.

Princess of Castile, Leon, Gallicia, and the Asturias; Queen of Aragon.

They had the following children.

  M i Alfonso II Prince of ARAGON was born about 1180. He died in Feb 1209.

Lord Hugh de AUDLEY Knight [Parents] 1 died 2 before 1 Apr 1325 in Wallingford Castle, Wallingford, Berkshire, England, United Kingdom. Hugh married 3 Iseult de MORTIMER 4 before 1292 in Wigmore, Hereford, England, United Kingdom.

HUGH DE AUDLEY (or ALDITHLEY7), Knt., of Stratton (in Stratton Audley), Oxfordshire, Raunds, Northamptonshire, and Bradwell and Chesterton (both in Wolstanton), Gratton, and Mere, Staffordshire, Justice of North Wales, steward of the king's household, Constable of Montgomery castle, younger son of James de Audley, of Aldithley and Heleigh, Staffordshire, by Ela, daughter of William Longespée, Knt. (grandson of King Henry II) [see AUDLEY 5 for his ancestry]. They had two sons, James and Hugh, Knt. [Earl of Gloucester], and one daughter, Alice. He took part in the Scottish and French wars of King Edward I. He was taken prisoner in Gascony in 1299. In 1301 they had a grant of one-third of the manor of Great Marcle, Herefordshire. He had a grant of free warren at Eastington in 1318. He was summoned to Parliament in 1321. He joined Thomas of Lancaster's rebellion in 1322, but surrendered before the Battle of Boroughbridge. SIR HUGH DE AUDLEY, Lord Audley, died while a prisoner in Wallingford castle shortly before 1 April 1325. In 1337 his widow, Iseult, endowed a chantry in the church of Eastington, Gloucestersbire. She died testate shortly before 4 August 1338.

Iseult de MORTIMER [Parents] 1 was born in From 1255 to 1260. She died 2 before 4 Aug 1338. Iseult married 3 Lord Hugh de AUDLEY Knight 4 before 1292 in Wigmore, Hereford, England, United Kingdom.

ISEULT DE MORTIMER, born say 1255-60. She married (1st) WALTER DE BALUN, Knt., of Great Marcle, Herefordshite, Eastington, Gloucestershire, and Arley, Staffordshire, and Great Cheverel, Wiltshire. He was born about 1225 (aged 50 in 1275). They had no issue. He was heir in 1275 to his older brother, John de Balun. He was summoned to serve against the Welsh in 1277 and 1282. In 1285 he leased the manor of Great Marcle to her brother, Edmund de Mortimer, Knt., for three years for £60 a year. In 1287 they likewise had the grant of the manor of Ailey, Staffordshire for the term of their lives from Edmund. SIR WALTER DE BALUN was living 1287.

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Note: @N3479@N3479@ NOTEMarried #1 Walter de An article in the New England Historical and Genealogical Register, vol. 116: 16-7, gives Isolt as the daughter of Edmund de Mortimer, and this opinion has been followed by Weis/Sheppard/Faris in Ancestral Roots (9-30, 207-30) and by Faris in Plantagenet Ancestry (Audley 13). -- Christopher Nash From VCH Worc (Arley): "It passed from Roger to his son Edmund in 1282 [CP V, 379], and was granted by the latter to his daughter Iseult and her first husband Walter de Balun for their lives. After Walter's death Iseult married Hugh de Audley, and on his forfeiture in 1322 the manor was granted by the King to Iseult [Cal. Close, 1323-7, p. 467], who held it until her death about 1339-40 [Abbrev.Rot.Orig. (Rec. Com.), ii, 130]. The reversion after her death, during the minority of Roger de Mortimer, had been granted in 1336 to William de Bohun, Earl of Northampton [Duchy of Lanc. Royal Chart., no. 277], who had married Elizabeth widow of Edmund de Mortimer, grandson of the Edmund who had granted the manor to Iseult. [Cal. Close, 1354-60, p. 271; CP V, 379]. Roger came of age about 1348, but Elizabeth held the manor until her death in 1356, when it passed to her son Roger [Cal. Close, 1354-60, p. 271], who had become Earl of March by the reversal of his grandfather's attainder in 1354 [CP V, 243]." -- Christopher NashMy research indicates that Iseult and her first husband, Walter de Balun, received the grant of the manor of Arley, Staffordshire from Edmund de Mortimer for the term of their lives. The grant evidently took place in or before 1286, in which year I believe Walter de Balun died. In 1305, following Edmund de Mortimer's death, his widow, Margaret, sued Iseult and her second husband, Hugh de Audley, for dower in the manor. In 1325 Iseult paid a fine of 10 pounds to the King for having acquired the manor of Arley without license from the king [References: William Salt Arch. Soc., vol. 7, pp. 6,137-138,142; vol. 9, pg. 132]. In the various wrangling over this property, there is no indication that Iseult had the manor in free marriage, or any indication that she was related to Edmund de Mortimer. Indeed, the gift being for life is unusual, as marriage settlements were usually permanent gifts, not lifetime grants. I also find it unusual that if Edmund de Mortimer granted the manor to Iseult and Walter for their lives that his widow, Margaret, would later sue them for dower, especially if Iseult was Edmund's daughter. Reading the records on this matter, I'm frankly skeptical that Iseult de Audley was Edmund de Mortimer's daughter. -- Douglas Richardson, GEN-MEDIEVAL, 19 Jan 2002My Mortimer family notes show that Edmund de Mortimer had an uncle, Hugh de Mortimer (died 1273) of Chelmarsh, who married Agatha de Ferrers (died 1306), daughter of William de Ferrers, 5th Earl of Derby. If Iseult de Audley was the child of Hugh and Agatha, it would give her grandson, Sir James de Audley, the needed links to both the Mortimer and Ferrers families. Also, it would solve the obvious chronology problem of Iseult being Edmund de Mortimer's daughter. -- Douglas Richardson, GEN-MEDIEVAL, 25 Jan 2002Reviewing the chronological difficulties involved in this problem, it seems the best solution is to push Iseult back a generation and make her a daughter of Roger de Mortimer, Knt. (died 1282), by his wife, Maud de Brewes. While this arrangement would make Iseult's first husband, Walter de Balun, the same approximate age as her father, it fits the chronology much better than Iseult being a daughter in the next generation.

They had the following children.

  M i Hugh de AUDLEY Earl of Gloucester was born about 1289. He died on 10 Nov 1347.

Sir John de LACY Earl of Lincoln and Magna Carta Surrety [scrapbook] 1, 2 was born in 1192 in Lincoln, Lincoln, England, United Kingdom. He died 3 on 22 Jul 1240 in Stanlaw, Cheshire, England, United Kingdom. John married 4 Margaret de QUINCY 5, 6 before 21 Jun 1221 in of, , Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom.

Margaret de QUINCY [Parents] 1, 2 was born in 1208 in Lincoln, Lincoln, England, United Kingdom. She died after Mar 1265/1266 in Clerkenwell, Middlesex, England, United Kingdom. She was buried before 30 Mar 1266 in Hospitallers, Clerkenwell, Middlesex, England, United Kingdom. Margaret married 3 Sir John de LACY Earl of Lincoln and Magna Carta Surrety 4, 5 before 21 Jun 1221 in of, , Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom.

They had the following children.

  F i Maud de LACY was born about 1223. She died before 10 Mar 1288/1289.
  M ii
Edmund de LACY 1 was born in 1230 in of, , Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom. He died on 2 Jun 1258. He was buried in Stanlaw Abbey, Cheshire, England, United Kingdom.
  F iii
Idonea de LACY 1 was born about 1226 in of, , Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom.

Roger De MOWBRAY Knight [Parents] 1 was born 2 in 1257. He died 3 before 21 Nov 1297 in Ghent, Flandres, Belgium. Roger married 4 Roese (Rohesia) de CLARE 5, 6 after 15 Jul 1270.

ROGER DE MOWBRAY, Knt., Baron of Thirsk, Yorkshire, son and heir, born about 1257 (came of age in 1278). He married shortly after 15 July 1270 (date of bond for payments in respect of their marriage) ROSE DE CLARE, daughter of Richard de Clare, Earl of Gloucester and Hertford, Baron of Clare, Suffolk, by his 2nd wife, Maud, daughter of John de Lacy, Earl of Lincoln, Magna Carta Surety. She was born in or after 1255 (under 15 years of age in July 1270). They had two sons, John, Knt. [2nd Lord Mowbray], and Alexander. He was summoned for military service against the Welsh in 1282 and 1283, and against the Scots in 1291. In 1294 he was going on the King's service to Gascony. He was summoned to Parliament 24 June 1295 (and again 26 August 1296) by writ directed Rogero de Mubrqy, whereby he is held to have become Lord Mowbray. In 1296 he obtained a charter of free warren in his demesne lands at Thirsk and Hovingham. SIR ROGER DE MOWBRAY, 1st Lord Mowbray, died at Ghent in Flanders shortly before 21 Nov. 1297, and was buried at Fountains Abbey. His widow, Rose, was living in Hilary term, 1316.

Roese (Rohesia) de CLARE [Parents] 1, 2 was born on 17 Oct 1252 in Tonbridge, Kent, England, United Kingdom. She died after 1316. Roese married 3 Roger De MOWBRAY Knight 4 after 15 Jul 1270.

They had the following children.

  M i John De MOWBRAY Knight was born in 4 SEP 1286 OR 21 NOV 1286. He died on 23 Mar 1321.

Richard de CLARE 3rd Earl of Hertford, Magna Carta Surety [Parents] [scrapbook] 1, 2, 3 was born 4 in 1153. He died 5, 6 in BET 3 OCT 1217 AND 28 NOV 1217. Richard married 7, 8 Amice FITZROBERT Countess of Gloucester 9 in 1180.

RICHARD DE CLARE, Lord of Clam, styled Earl of Clare, Earl of Hertford, died in November of 1217. He married AMICE who died as Countess of Gloucester, about 1 Jan. 1224/5, daughter (and in her issue heiress) of William Fitz Robert, Earl of Gloucester, by Hawise, daughter of Robert de Beaumont, Earl of Leicester. William Fitz Robert was son of Robert de Caen, created Earl of Gloucester 1122, died 1147, illegitimate son of King Henry I (for whom see NORMANDY) by Sybil Corbet [CP, 5:736 chart]; Robert married Mabel, daughter of Robert Fitz Hamon, Lord of Creully in Calvados, and his wife Sybil, daughter of Roger de Montgomery, Earl of Shrewsbury. Richard and Amice appear to have been separated before 1200, perhaps pending a dispensation [CP, 6:502].

He was present at the coronation of Richard I at Westminster on 3 Sept. 1189, and in 1191 he was one of eleven appointed by the Chancellor (on the part of King Richard) to treat with those of Prince John the questions between King Richard and the prince. In 1193 he was selected by the Chancellor (the Bishop of Ely), to accompany him on his way to Germany, to ransom King Richard. In 1199 he swore an oath to keep peace with King John, his loyalty having been in doubt. He attended King John's coronation at Westmin­ster, 27 May 1199, and the homage of King William of Scotland at Lincoln. He sided with the Barons against the King with the result that Tonbridge Castle was taken from him, and played a leading part in the negotiations for the Magna Charta, being one of the twenty-five barons which were guardians of that charter.

On 4 March 1215/6 his lands in counties Cambridge, Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex were granted to Robert de Betun; he lost lands in other counties soon afterwards. He and his son were excommunicated by Pope Innocent III in 1216. However, he had done much to enhance his lands and power, losing only the town and castle of Bristol in the long run [Altschul, 27-28].

Amice FITZROBERT Countess of Gloucester 1 died 2, 3 on 1 Jan 1224/1225. Amice married 4, 5 Richard de CLARE 3rd Earl of Hertford, Magna Carta Surety 6, 7, 8 in 1180.

They had the following children.

  M i Gilbert CLARE 5th Earl of Gloucester, Magna Carta Surety was born in 1180. He died on 25 Oct 1230.

Roger De QUINCY. Roger married Hawise.

Hawise. Hawise married Roger De QUINCY.

They had the following children.

  F i Margaret de QUINCY was born in 1208. She died after Mar 1265/1266.

Alfonso IX King of LEÓN [Parents] [scrapbook] 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 was born on 15 Aug 1171 in Zamora, Spain. He died 6 on 24 Sep 1230 in Villanueva de Sarria, Castile, Spain. Alfonso married 7 Berengaria Queen of CASTILE 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 in 1197.

Son and heir of Fernando II, King of Leon, by by his 1st wife, Urraca, daughter of Affonso I Enríques, King of Portugal. He was born at Zamora 15 August 1171. They had two sons, Fernando (III) [King of Castile and León and Alfonso de Mo]ina, and three daughters, Leonor, Berengere (or Berenguela), and Constanza (nun). A papal dispensation for this marriage was refused, and León was placed under an interdict, 1202-1204. The couple separated owing to consanguinity in 1204, after which she became a nun at Las Huelgas. She abdicated the throne of Castile 31 August 1217, in favor of her son, Fernando. She died at Las Huelgas neat Burgos 8 Nov. 1246, and was buried there in the Cistercian monastery Santa Maria la Real (called de la Huelgas). Alfonso IX married (1st) at Guimarães 15 Feb. 1191 TERESA OF PORTUGAL, daughter of Sancho I, King of Portugal & the Algarve, by Dulce, daughter of Raymond Berengar TV, Count of Barcelona. She was born about 1176. They had three children, Fernando, Sancha, and Dulcia. The marriage was annulled in 1194 for reason of consanguinity by Pope Celestine III at the 2nd Council of Salamanca. Alfonso and Teresa separated in 1197, and she afterwards became a nun at Lorvão in 1200. She died there 17 or 18 June 1250. By various mistresses, he also had eleven illegitimate children, Pedro Alfonso, Rodtigo Alfonso, Fernando Alfonso, Fernando Alfonso (2nd of name), Martin Alfonso, Urraca Alfonso (wife of Lope Diaz de Haro), Aldonza Alfonso (wife of Diego Ramirez Froilaz and Pedro Ponce de Cabrera), Sancha Alfonso (nun), Maria Alfonso (wife of Alvar Fernandez de Lara and Suero Arias de Valladares), Urraca Alfonso (wife of Garcia Romero and Pedro Nufiez de Guzmán), and Teresa Alfonso (wife of Nuno González, Count of Lara). ALFONSO IX OF LEÓN, IKing of León, Galicia, and Badajoz, died at Villaneuva de Sarria 24 Sept. 1230, and was buried in the chapel of  S. Lorenzo in Santiago el Mayor Cathedral at Santiago de Compostela.

Berengaria Queen of CASTILE [Parents] 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 was born in 1180. She died 6 on 8 Nov 1246 in Las Huelgas, Burgos, Burgos, Spain. Berengaria married 7 Alfonso IX King of LEÓN 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 in 1197.

Abdicated. Some sources say died age 75 but they must be wrong as her mother was born in 1162, so she could not be born in 1171. Some say marriage to Alfonso was annulled 1204.

BERENGUELA I OF CASTLLE  la Grande, Queen of Castile, eldest daughter, born about 1179-80. She married (lst) at Seligenstadt by contract dated 23 April 1188 Konrad II, Duke of  Swabia and Rothenburg, son of Friedrich I Barbarossa, Holy Roman Emperor, Duke of Swabia, King of Burgundy, by his 2nd wife, Beatrice, daughter of Rainald III, Count of Burgundy. He was born in 1177. They had no issue and were subsequently divorced. He was assassinated at Durlach 15 August 1196. She married (2nd) (as his 2nd wife) at Valladolid in Dec. 1197 ALFONSO IX OF LEON, King of Leon, Galicia, and Badajoz.

They had the following children.

  M i Fernando III "The Saint" King of CASTILE AND LEÓN was born on 19 Aug 1201. He died on 30 May 1252.
  F ii Berengere of CASTILE AND LEÓN was born in 1198/1199. She died on 12 Apr 1237.

Simon II DAMMARTIN Count of Aumale and Ponthieu [Parents] 1 was born about 1180 in Dammartin, Seine-Et-Marne, France. He died on 21 Sep 1239 in Abbeville, Picardy, France. He was buried in Valoires, France. Simon married Marie of PONTHIEU Countess of Ponthieu about 1206 in Aumale, Seine-Maritime, France.

Marie of PONTHIEU Countess of Ponthieu [Parents] was born about 1195. She died in 1250. Marie married Simon II DAMMARTIN Count of Aumale and Ponthieu 1 about 1206 in Aumale, Seine-Maritime, France.

They had the following children.

  F i Jeanne de DAMMARTIN was born about 1216. She died on 15 Mar 1279.

Robert PEARCE 1. Robert married 2, 3 Abigail SYMONDS.

Abigail SYMONDS [Parents] was born 1 about 1622. Abigail married 2, 3 Robert PEARCE.

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